Contractor Marketing Question Of The Week – Should You Use A Call Center?

Should You Use A Call Center To Take Home Service Calls?

Here at 33 Mile Radius we listen to hundreds of phone calls a day.

Some good some bad, and some awful.

If you are a contractor the benefits might seem huge to outsource your calls to a call center. However, many times this is a mistake. Call center operators are not as familiar with home service issues or your business.

Watch this weeks video to learn more:

Interested in learning more on the right and wrong way to handle phone calls? Take a look at our home contractor call guide.


Welcome to this week’s question of the week. I have Rudy here again with me and this one’s kind of a follow-up to the one we did the other week, regarding how to answer the phone. We have a lot of questions that our contractors ask us around call centers. And Rudy I wanted to ask you, is it better or worse to use a call center when you’re a contractor?

So, when you’re a contractor it’s definitely better to not have a call center. If you think about it, if you were trying to sell a car for example, do you want a call center to sell that car? Or do you want the sales guy on the lot to sell the car? Obviously, the sales guy on the lot is going to know a lot more about the business and he’s going to be able relate to that customer and sell a whole lot more deals.

The same goes in the restoration industry. You want your best sales guy to be doing the answering. You want them to be that first impression for that caller, make them feel at home, that you’re going to take care of them, show them that empathy, and make sure that they’re going to be taken care of. Call centers, they can be great because calls are always answered, but they may mishandle calls, put customers on hold too long, then they’re trying to transfer calls over to you, and there’s more of an opportunity there for them to hang up or anything.

On a limited basis, if you are forced to use a call center, make sure that they’re always live transferring the calls to you, so then the calls continue to be recorded and when we know exactly what happened. You don’t want them just taking down the customer’s info and then calling them back five, 10 minutes later. You might end up losing an opportunity there because maybe they didn’t decide not to wait for you.

Right. I think something you mentioned before that we filmed this was, you should use it sparingly. You have to use it, use it after hours-

After hours, weekends, if you absolutely have to. But if you’re available, I would definitely be having your best sales guy answering these calls as close to 100% of the time as possible.

All right. Well thanks for that answer. I hope that helps everyone out there, so if you have any other questions, feel free to ask us, and we’ll get it answered. Thank you.

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