Lead Generation Tips for Carpet Cleaning Companies

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As a small business, your carpet cleaning company faces several unique challenges. Lead generation is right up there as a top concern.

How do you find people who need your carpet cleaning services?

In this article, we’ll explore the concept of lead generation at a high level, including information about building out a sales funnel. We’ll also look at some specific things you can start doing right away to bring in new customers.

Building Out Your Sales Funnel

Sales pros often talk about potential customers using a simple-but-effect metaphor. A funnel.

Imagine a big funnel. The people who have just begun to search for carpet cleaning services are at the very top. When they find out about your business, they move a little lower in the funnel. In fact, each step they take toward becoming a customer moves them a little further down.

The further down in the funnel you get, the fewer people there are … but the more likely they are to actually buy your services.

You don’t need to sell to every potential customer in your area. In fact, you probably don’t even want to. You want to sell to the people who are the best fit for your business.

Said another way, you don’t have time to chase down every German Shepherd owner in the neighborhood. (They’re notorious shedders … but you may not even focus on pet owners.)

You just need lead generation tips that help you tap into your target audience. And that process starts with lead generation—getting qualified potential customers into your funnel up at the very top.

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Lead Generation Tips

Here at 33 Mile Radius, we’re serious about lead generation. It’s what we do.

Here are some of the tactics we’ve seen work well.

Use Google Ads

A lot of people use Google to search for services they need.

Think about the last time you searched for something on Google. You probably saw some ads at the very top of your search.

Those ads are tied specifically to the words you told Google to search for. And just like you see ads for other services, your potential customers see ads for services when they search for something like “carpet cleaning services Cleveland.”

In marketer-speak, those are keywords. Keywords drive a lot of the activity on Google.

Google Ads allow you to go after specific keywords, giving your business a chance to show up right at the top of Google search results.

Once you pay for your ads, Google will show them only to people who use these keywords to search. When your prospects call your number or click through to your site, you and your team can take it from there.

While Google ads are effective, they can also be expensive. You could easily get leads right away, but you’ll pay for the convenience and speed of this strategy. So be sure you have plenty budgeted before venturing into Google Ads.

Place Social Media Ads

Like Google, Facebook and other social media platforms use sophisticated targeting to make sure your ads reach people who likely need your services.

With Facebook Ads, you can show your ads to homeowners who live in your area. You can even target prospects whose interests make them likely to need frequent carpet cleanings—like German Shepherd owners!

However, the social media paid ads are just like Google Ads. They’re expensive. Be aware of the potential cost before pursuing this option.

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Use Content Marketing to Create Trust

You know the carpet cleaning business backward and forward. You know which carpets are easier to clean and how to keep a carpet cleaner between professional cleanings.

You probably even know which brands, styles and colors of carpet wear the best over time. You can share that inside knowledge with people online through a blog or social media posts.

People buy from businesses they trust. If you can demonstrate your expertise in all things carpet-related, your readers will trust you with cleaning their carpets.

If you’re not a writer, no worries. Post videos that show proper carpet care and cleaning tips instead. Either way, you’ll gain credibility as a trusted resource.

Content marketing is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to generate leads. It’s the perfect addition to your digital ad campaigns.

Offer Discount Coupons for Existing Customer Referrals

Customer satisfaction is a must for a thriving business. A mere 5% boost in customer retention yields 25% more in profits.

Here’s a win-win tip. Make your current customers happy by giving them some skin in the game. For every referral, give them a discount coupon for their next service.

You’ll get both a new lead and a happier customer in the process. And your new leads will be more likely to hire you. Studies show that 81% of people trust referrals from friends and family more than they trust your company’s own words.

Start Generating Leads Today

The great part about these four lead-generating tips? You can start using them right away.

To learn more about lead generation and how to grow your carpet cleaning business, contact the 33 Mile Radius team today.

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