Insurance Restoration Jobs: How to Get Leads From Insurance Companies

For most contractors, insurance restoration jobs are among the most lucrative type of leads. Not only are these usually larger losses, but you are guaranteed to get paid since the insurance company is covering the cost of restoration. However, getting jobs from insurance companies isn’t always easy. Almost every claims adjuster and insurance agent has a list of preferred contractors. While customers can use any contractor they want, choosing off of the list is often easier. To gain access to those opportunities, you need to do more than just provide quality work. From networking to understanding the insurance system, we look at how to get more insurance restoration jobs.

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How to Get Insurance Restoration Leads

Getting leads from insurance companies takes some effort and likely some money, but it should pay off in the end.

  1. Provide Exceptional Customer Service – From how you answer the phone to how you present yourself to customers, you need to provide exceptional service.
  2. Understand the Insurance System – Learn the claims process as well as the various positions within an insurance company.
  3. Network with Agents and Claims Adjustors – Join organizations and go to functions where you can market your business to insurance agents.

The 2 Most Common Mistakes that Will Cost You Insurance Restoration Jobs

Turning Away Customers That Haven’t Filed a Claim Yet

We listen to thousands of leads each week. One of the biggest and most common mistakes we hear is contractors turning away customers because they haven’t filed an insurance claim first. It’s better to offer an estimate and help them file their claim. Not only does this increase the odds that you’ll land that job, but it increases the chances of getting more insurance jobs from that company or agent.

Overpromising and Under-Delivering

When it comes to getting more insurance restoration jobs, you think impressing agents and adjusters is the key. However, avoid overpromising and under-delivering. This is especially true when it comes to writing estimates. Submitting an abnormally low estimate just to secure the job is a huge red flag. Not only will you probably lose that job, but also future jobs from that insurance company. An accurate estimate and excellent customer service are more likely to leave an impression on both customers and adjusters.

3 Steps to Getting Insurance Restoration Jobs

1. Provide Exceptional Customer Service

You should always strive to provide the best service for each customer, but this is especially important if you’re looking to land leads from insurance companies. They need to know you’re professional, reliable, and will treat their customers well.

This starts with how you answer the phone. Always be professional and ask qualifying questions to verify the opportunity. If they agree to have you out, give them an accurate window of time for when you’ll arrive. Wear a clean uniform and make sure you have the necessary equipment with you.

Even if they have already done so, you should still document their damage. While they might be focused on big-ticket items or damaged possessions, you will undoubtedly see things they would overlook. Take photos or video for your records, as well as for their insurance claim.

Once you’ve written up an estimate, ask them if they have any questions or concerns. If they are only looking for an estimate for their insurance company, include photos and detailed notes with your estimate. This can set your company apart from other contractors bidding on the job. If they haven’t filed a claim or called their agent yet, offer to do that with them.

By providing excellent service and working directly with the agent or adjuster, you increase the chances of them recommending you in the future. While not every job is guaranteed to lead to more insurance jobs, over time it will help you build that relationship.

2. Understand the Insurance System

Insurance companies and the claims process can be confusing. However, if you want to get more insurance restoration jobs, you will need to be an expert in how they work. Agents and adjusters want someone who won’t waste their time and who makes their jobs easier. Not only do you need to understand the claims process, but you should learn common insurance terms.

It also helps to learn the positions within the adjustor’s office. While companies will vary, most will have at least a manager, adjuster, and clerk. The manager will oversee the entire claims process, the adjuster appraises the damage, and the clerk will handle all paperwork associated with the claim. Depending on the company or even the office, the insurance agent may also be involved in the process too. This is more common in smaller offices.

3. Network with Agents and Claims Adjustors

You also need to get to know agents and adjusters in order to make it on their shortlist of contractors. Start by joining local insurance associations. Most areas have at least one organization for adjusters or insurance agents. While they likely have association fees, they often pay for themselves with just a few insurance restoration jobs. When joining these groups, take time to get to know the members before you start pitching your services.

In addition to networking, you should also market your business directly to insurance companies. If the organization has a newsletter or publication, see if they sell advertising. Alternatively, you might be able to write an article or even do a presentation about restoration.

Adding Renovations to Insurance Jobs

Insurance companies will only authorize work that returns the affected area to its original state. Since the customer is likely only paying for the deductible, they may be willing to spend out of pocket on renovations. However, you should only start this conversation once the work has been approved by their insurance company.

Before beginning reconstruction, walk through the area with the property owner. Tell them exactly what you’re authorized to do. Avoid hard sales tactics, but let them know you can renovate the area if they’d like. If they agree to renovations, document the changes and keep good notes.

Another Way to Get More Leads

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