Leads By Phone: How to Generate High-Quality Phone Leads

How to Generate High-Quality Phone Leads

Most contractors are looking to get more leads by phone because the customer usually needs emergency services. Due to that urgency, phone leads often have a higher conversion rate. However, that isn’t always the case and leads by text or email are also valuable. If you’re looking to get more leads by phone, you need to know both how to generate them and how to convert them.

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Understanding Leads and Lead Generation

Leads are simply opportunities for a job. You can use any type of marketing or advertising to generate leads. Regardless of how you generated the lead, a customer is contacting you about your services. While you have the opportunity to convert each lead, not everyone will turn into a job.

The Value of Leads By Phone

Contractors usually consider phone leads their best opportunity to close a job. This is especially true with disaster mitigation and restoration because the customer needs immediate action. While not every phone lead will convert, the odds are in your favor.

Factors to Consider With Any Lead Generation Strategy

While you should use every marketing channel available to generate leads by phone, there are a few key points to consider when evaluating your lead generation strategy.

  • Cost of Generating the Leads – Every lead has a cost. While you may think of costs as just the price of the ads, it also includes the time you spend creating and managing campaigns. You need to track all of the costs and evaluate how successful that strategy is for your business.
  • Quality of the Leads Generated – The quality of your phone leads can vary from channel to channel. You need to compare the quality of leads by phone to ensure you are spending wisely. However, avoid making reactionary decisions. Look at the data before changing your strategy.
  • Quantity of the Leads Generated – Another key factor is the number of leads a channel or strategy generates. The number of leads by phone you get will vary by channel, so it’s important to know where each lead comes from.
  • Time Required to Maintain the Strategy – It’s all too easy to forget to calculate your time when generating leads by phone. If you’re spending more time generating leads than completing jobs, how effective is that channel really?
  • Knowledge Required to Implement the Strategy – Every channel for generating leads by phone requires some amount of knowledge and skill. Your understanding of marketing can also impact the amount of time you spend generating leads and the quality of those leads.

How to Get More Leads By Phone

You can generate phone leads by any number of marketing or advertising strategies. However, some methods are more effective than others. This includes both in terms of their cost and quality. Here are some of the best ways to generate more leads by phone.

Paid Search

Paid search involved buying ads in search engine results. Customers will search for relevant terms and your ads will appear above the organic results. While leads from paid search usually have a higher upfront cost, they can produce high-quality phone leads. However, paid search does require a moderate level of marketing knowledge and regular maintenance to remain effective.

Reviews and Referrals

Many businesses consider leads generated by reviews and referrals completely free, however, that’s not entirely true. You paid to get the original customer and put in some effort to get them to take action. Still, the cost per lead is usually low. Unfortunately, the volume of leads is often low as well. On the upside, the quality of leads is often very high.

Social Media

Social media sites allow you to post content and target your audience. While it was once considered completely free, but that’s just not the case anymore. If you want to reach your audience on social media, you should expect to need to pay to generate phone leads. The quantity and quality of leads are typically related to the amount you spend and how savvy your content is.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is the process of modifying both your website content and performance so that it appears at the top of organic search results. SEO is another marketing channel that is considered free, but it actually requires a significant amount of marketing know-how. If you can do the work yourself, it does have a low cost but hiring web developers and content writers will increase the cost quickly.

Buying Leads

Buying leads is the most straight forward way of generating leads by phone. It requires the lowest level of knowledge and time and typically produces a moderate number of quality phone leads. However, this convenience does come at a cost. While lead generation companies will vary, the process is usually similar. Looks for a company that doesn’t charge for wrong numbers and outlines their billable criteria.

How 33 Mile Radius Generates Leads By Phone

The majority of our leads come through paid search and SEO efforts, but we use every marketing and advertising channel available to generate the highest quality phone leads possible. Our team of marketing and advertising experts have the knowledge and experience to effectively manage these campaigns. They track the quantity and quality of our phone leads, ensuring you get the most high quality leads possible. Plus, we have the campaign budgets to compete with major brands, putting you right next to your biggest competitors.

The Advantage of Our Phone Leads

Unlike some other lead generation companies, all of our leads are live and exclusive. When you answer one of our phone leads, you are the first and only contractor talking with that customer. This gives you the best opportunity to set the appointment and convert the job.

Our criteria for billable phone leads are the homeowner or decision marker calling about a service you are signed up for in an area you are active. You are never billed for wrong numbers or fraudulent calls. We have a clearly outlined billing process and system for disputing billable leads too.

Get More High-Quality Phone Leads Now

33 Mile Radius takes the headache out of generating more high-quality leads by phone. Whether you’re looking to avoid complicated marketing or just need more high-quality phone leads, we can help. Fill out the form below and one of our business development managers will contact you in less than 1 business day. They will answer your questions and explain how our lead generation system works. If you’re ready to get started, call 888-594-8381 now to secure your service area.

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