Shared Leads Vs Exclusive Leads: Understanding the Advantages of Exclusive Leads

Buying leadings is a cost-effective way to grow your business, but understanding many lead generation terms can be confusing. One of the more confusing topics is whether leads are shared or exclusive. We look at the pros and cons of buying both shared leads and exclusive leads to help you choose which works best for your business and your budget.

What is Lead Generation

Lead generation is the process of creating opportunities for jobs. There are many different methods to create these opportunities, from marketing and advertising to buying leads outright. Each of these methods is a way to get more opportunities to offer your services and, hopefully, land the job. When it comes to purchasing leads from a lead generation company, those leads might be exclusive or shared.

What are Shared Leads

Simply put, shared leads are opportunities that are sent to multiple contractors. In effect, you’re sharing that opportunity. Often, the biggest disadvantage of shared leads is that they’re shared. Every lead you get will be shared with other contractors, meaning you have to compete for every customer’s business.

Pros of Shared Leads:

  • Potentially Lower Cost Per Lead
  • Potentially Higher Volume of Leads

Cons of Share Leads:

  • Charged For Every Lead
  • Lower Quality Leads

Competition is one hurdle with shared leads, but there are others. Customers are focused on getting service and are often unaware of the practice of many lead generation services. Even when they need service, they might get overwhelmed or even frustrated when multiple contractors call on them.

Another common complaint is the quality of shared leads. That’s not to say that companies that generate shared leads are trying to be fraudulent, but it is often harder for them to track down the sources of bad leads. This means you could end up paying for wrong numbers.

Due to their nature, shared leads might be less expensive than exclusive leads. However, this isn’t always the case. Additionally, you almost always have to pay a flat rate for the lead, regardless of whether you land the job. Plus, some companies that provide shared leads also charge service fees, monthly subscriptions, or other hidden fees.

What are Exclusive Leads

On the other hand, exclusive leads are sent to only one contractor. Since all leads are only opportunities for jobs, you aren’t guaranteed to land the job with exclusive leads. However, they do give you the best opportunity to book the appointment and close the job with the customer.

Pros of Exclusive Leads:

  • Higher Quality Leads
  • Only Pay for Billable Leads

Cons of Exclusive Leads:

  • Potentially Lower Volume of Leads
  • Potentially Higher Cost Per Lead

As with shared leads, it’s possible that customers might not be aware of lead generation practices. However, you can easily explain the process and offer your services since you’re the only contractor contacting them. Again, this doesn’t guarantee you’ll get the job. However, you certainly have more control over the process.

The quality of exclusive leads tends to be higher because it’s easier to identify bad calls and track them back to their source. This allows companies to remove low-quality publishers and adjust poorly performing advertising. They may also have a dispute process that allows you to bring low-quality leads to their attention.

Depending on the lead generation company, exclusive leads may cost a little more than shared leads. However, you aren’t competing with other contractors for that opportunity. While the billable criteria for lead generation companies vary, look for a company that doesn’t charge for wrong numbers or fraudulent leads.

Measuring Your Success When Buying Leads

Ideally, you should be measuring the success of your leads regardless of the source. If you’re not measuring your leads, you can’t accurately calculate your revenue or profit. This also means any adjustment you make to your marketing or lead strategies will be little more than blind guesses. This is especially true when buying leads, regardless of whether they’re exclusive or shared.

The Advantage of Buying Leads from 33 Mile Radius

While some contractors are reluctant to purchase leads, there are several advantages to buying leads. All of our leads are exclusive and never shared with multiple contractors. When you respond to our leads, you are the first and only contractor dealing with that customer. Our leads are only opportunities, but you have the best chance of converting the lead.

  • Exclusive, High-Quality Leads
  • Clearly Defined Billable Criteria
  • Flat Rate Pricing On All Leads
  • Works With Or In Place Of Your Marketing
  • Pause Your Account At Any Time
  • Process For Disputing Leads
  • Fair and Flexible Pricing On Leads
  • Cancel Your Account At Any Time

You are only billed for leads that are from the homeowner or decision maker calling about a service you are signed up for in an area that you are active in. Each lead is a flat rate and we never charge a percentage of the job.

Every lead is recorded, which allows you to review and even dispute billable leads at any time. You can pause your account at any time and there are no long-term contracts or hidden fees.

Ready to Start Getting Exclusive Leads Today?

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