Local search is probably the most important aspect of any business trying to find leads online today. However, local search marketing encompasses an ever-changing list of best practices. To successfully have a site show up in the local results of search engines these practices must be followed.

33 Mile Radius focuses on these factors and on the following:

  • Account setup and properly verified across 200 plus listings
  • Information is consistent across all web properties and local listings
  • Proper categorization
  • Content and description information
  • Propagate other sites that search engines use to verify the business listings
  • Duplication, Orphaned and Unclaimed listings
  • Monitoring of changes and testimonials

These are just some of the factors that determine your website’s rank. 33 Mile Radius focuses on these factors and others to get your site found in local search results.

Every day that passes could be a missed opportunity to for your online business to grow and flourish. If you are interested in finding out what Google thinks of your website, please fill out a free website analysis form, and one of our SEO specialists will get right back with you to discuss the results.

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