The 4 Ways to Get And Manage Reviews

Get Reviews The Right Way!

To get reviews for your business online you can either to it the hard way, or the easy way.

Regardless of what you choose it all come down to what tool you use to get reviews.

In other words, you have to ask your customers for a review each time the job is done, but you also must be strategic about your approach.  So, what is the best way to approach your customers asking for reviews?

After working with hundreds of service contractors, we have found the four most popular methods:

Pen and Paper

Many contractors ask for reviews the old-fashioned way: by asking clients to write out a handwritten note about how pleased they are with the finished job.  While it might feel great to receive one of these handwritten notes, the value of the review is very low in terms of what you can do with it online.

Also, getting a handwritten review is very rare.  In fact, most people who will take the time to write out a review generally have a very strong opinion about your work—and strong doesn’t always mean ‘good’.  Most people who are satisfied with the job won’t bother to write out an extensive note at all.

With everything quickly becoming digital, most people don’t want to take the time to write anything on an actual piece of paper (for better or worse).

So, if you are going to ask for handwritten reviews, you should at least be sure to get permission to copy the review so that you can use the text on your website testimonial page.  However, in this digitalized age, the following three methods are generally more effective.

Email Blast

While sending an email is generally more effective than sending a comment card in the mail, email open rates these days are not very high.  The problem with email isn’t even that so few people will actually open the email—it actually has to do with the fact that once you leave the customer’s house, the likelihood of them leaving you a review greatly diminishes.  The theory that you should upsell someone right after they make the initial purchase holds true when asking for a review as well.

The chance to get reviews lowers every day that you go without asking for one.  The odds are better that if you send out an email to the client a few days after the job, it will go unnoticed and your business will never hear back from them.

Call Them

Another way that we’ve seen clients getting reviews is by calling their customers up after the job is completed.  While a phone call can be a personal way to get direct feedback on your company / services, it combines the drawbacks of both pen and paper and email methods.

Not only do you lose the ability to transfer the review online, but you are also waiting too long to ask for the review.  Now that almost everyone has a cell phone, screening calls (especially from unknown numbers) can be very common.  Also, if someone is working during the day, they are unlikely to take your call.

If your business relies on phone calls to get reviews, then make sure that the person calling is professional and organized.  When asking for a review, you are going to want to be considerate and understanding of the customer’s experience—regardless of whether it is good or bad.

Request an Online Review

A relatively new way to get reviews is to have your customers go online and put their reviews on their favorite website or social media account.  If done correctly, this is a win-win for both your business and your customers.  Instead of wasting their time writing out a review or email, they can quickly and easily login to the site of their choosing and leave a review for whoever else looks at your page (including potential clients).

Not only does this give them a chance to share their experience with their friends but it also gives you the ability to show off your great reviews to your customers.  More importantly, many sites online use these rankings to increase the visibility of your page—which can mean even more visitors and jobs that you receive online as a result.

The Right Way To Ask For A Review

Of all the ways we’ve discussed for getting reviews, there is an obvious winner.  Utilizing existing online social media and review sites is not only a great way to interact with your customers in a way that’s both easy for them and user-friendly, but it can also increase web traffic to your site and put your business higher in local rankings—which brings in more customers!  Coupling this strategy with using a review manager, you can easily increase your reviews online!

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