The Ultimate Video Guide to Google My Business Part 1

Unsure what Google My Business is? Do you understand how to setup up Google My Business?

Product Specialist Mike McGeady will help you understand the in’s and outs of Google My Business. He’ll explain what Google My Business is, how to set it up, and give you ability tell your anyone all about it (if you want).

setup up Google My Business

Mike can point you in the right direction with Google My Business

Google My Business 101

Over the next four weeks, Mike is going to go over the following so that you can become a master of the Google My Business domain!

After watching the videos you will know everything you need to be ready to launch your listing live – and maybe a fact or two about Mike. We made each video bit sized so you can get back to running your business.

In the meantime, learn more about local listings by viewing some of our previous posts’ on the subject. If you are trying to rank your business higher in the search engines and in the local stack, it is critical that you have your GMB setup properly.

If you need help give us a call and ask for Mike, he will be more than happy to assist you to setup up Google My Business.

Part 1: An Introduction to Google My Business:

Transcript of the Video:

Hey guys. Mike McGeady, account manager and product specialist with 33 Mile Radius. Today I’m thrilled that we’re kicking off a series of videos aimed to educate business owners on the importance of Google My Business, and the significant role that it plays in your online marketing efforts. Regardless of your business; if you’re a baker with a retail location or a plumber with a service area, Google My Business is an effective way to engage your customers online.

As showcased by this local photographer, you have a clear understanding of who they are, what service that they’re providing, their location, best phone number, and their hours and operation. As you can see with their stunning photographs, they’re showcasing their most recent work to give the clients a better sense of who they are, and what they do.

Through reviews, it gives their customers an idea of how effective they are, and what people are saying about them. Google also pulls in web results related to their business and related to the industry that they serve. In typical Google fashion, Google also provides metrics that allow you to measure these efforts through clicks, through page views, and also, and most importantly, phone calls.

Over the next three videos I aim to educate you on three areas; management optimization of your page through best information, through posts and photographs, through interaction that allows you to engage your customers by getting reviews, and managing those reviews that you’ve received whether negative or positive, and then how to break down the analytics that Google is sharing with you. How to manage the clicks, how to manage the phone calls, and how to manage the page views.

Other Episodes In Our Google My Business Series:

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