The Ultimate Video Guide To Google My Business Part 4: Understanding Insights

What is the point of doing all of the correct things in Google My Business if you are not measuring your success? Today, learn how to dig into the insights page within your account to learn the health of your listing.

Insights For Google My Business

Get great GMB data with the insights page

In our opinion, measuring data is the most important step in Local SEO success. If you do not measure and account for trends in data then you will never be able to fully optimize your account. In addition, proper measurement ensures that you can fix issues quickly before they become bigger problems.

Topics Covered in Part 4:

  • Where to find analytics in your account
  • How to navigate the insights page
  • What data is important for your business

After watching the video you will have a better understanding of what the data means and how to measure your performance over time.

Part 4: Measuring Your Google My Business Analytics:

Transcript of the Video:

Welcome back. Mike McGeady, account manager and product specialist with 33 Mile Radius. Today concludes our breakdown of Google My Business, and we’re going to dive into the world of analytics, into the Insights field listed on your Google My Business dashboard. If you’ve missed our other blog posts, have no worries, they’re listed on our blog at

As I stated earlier, we’re going to break down Insights. We’ve already optimized our listing, we’ve set out geo-targeted areas, we’ve optimized with photos, had direct posts in our Google+ pages, and now we’re ready to see how this hard work is paying off. In typical Google fashion, there are plenty of data for us to choose to work through to make sure that we’re reaching our targeted audiences, and then ultimately getting phone calls or visits based upon our efforts.

We’re looking at the home page of our Google My Business dashboard. As you can see in here, it breaks it down with Insights, our reviews, YouTube, Google+, Google analytics, and a field that’s not listed in here, Google AdWords Express. Today we’re going to jump into Insights and just see how we’re doing based upon the optimization of our Google My Business listing.

The listing field is broken down into visibility, posts and audience. Within the visibility tab, you can see the page views, clicks, driving directions and phone calls. Within the views, we can see the total number of searches, total number of page views on our Google+, our views of posts, and then the views of our photos within the last 30 days. We can also see in the clicks field, the total number of clicks to our website, the total number of clicks to Google Maps for directions, and then also clicks, most likely in the mobile view, phone calls. In the driving directions field, it will show us data. There is not enough to report right now based upon people who have requested driving directions to our location. Then again, in this field, without having enough data, breaking down how many people have reached out to us in the last 4 weeks, or 30 days.

In the views tab, you can segment based upon the information that you want to see. If you just want to see the total number of views, great. Let’s combine them and see total number of views versus the total number of searches. The same in the clicks field, to break down the total number of clicks, just to get an understand of who’s actually come to our website based upon the clicks to our Google My Business listing.

In the posts field you can see the type of posts, the data for the posts to your Google+ listing, and then also your most recent post, and number of reach. Then you can even break it down based upon the segmentation of your new followers, followers by country, gender, and age. You’re going to find most of your most useful data in the visibility tab to give you a better understanding of the efforts that you’re making and how impactful that they are.

This video concludes our efforts in educating you further and making your Google My Business listing even better optimized. For further information in regards to Google My Business and industry related blogs and conversations, you can visit our blog at Thanks for visiting.

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