Mold Remediation Leads: 6 Ways to Get More Mold Removal Leads

Getting more mold remediation jobs starts with generating more leads. Leads are opportunities that may turn into jobs. While you can generate mold removal leads many ways, each is a potential for a job regardless of the source. Each mold lead is a customer contacting you for a service you provide. If you’re looking to get more mold removal leads and jobs, here are 6 ways you should consider using today.

6 Ways to Get More Mold Removal Leads

There are many different methods of generating mold remediation leads, but here are some of the most common ways.

1. Customer Referrals

Referrals are one of the easiest ways to generate mold mitigation leads. After performing quality service, just ask your customer to refer you if someone else needs mold removal. While it can be effective, referrals tend to produce a low volume of leads. They are, however, a completely free source of mold leads.

2. Customer Reviews

Similar to referrals, it’s easy to ask customers to review your company. Although not every customer will follow through, reviews can produce mold remediation leads. However, reviews work best in conjunction with other lead generation methods. These leads are free, but you should expect a low volume of mold leads from reviews.

3. Social Media

Social media is often incorrectly considered free advertising. However, you should expect to pay at least a little bit to reach your desired audience via social media sites. In addition to regular updates, you also need to interact with fans and respond to messages. Depending on your content and audience, expect a low to moderate volume of mold mitigation leads from social media account.

4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is creating and optimizing content so it appears in organic search results. This includes both technical updates as well as fresh content relevant to your mold removal business. SEO is free if you do everything yourself, but can get expensive if you have to hire others to do the work. However, a good SEO strategy can generate a fair amount of mold removal leads.

5. Paid Search

Paid search advertising involved bidding on search terms so your ads appear above the organic results. When done right, it’s an effective way of generating mold leads but it can require a fair amount of time and skill. It can perform within days but may take weeks or even months to be successful. The cost per lead will vary, but the volume of mold remediation leads is usually moderate to high.

6. Lead Generation Companies

Purchasing mold remediation leads from a lead generation company is easy and cost-effective. Look for a company that provides exclusive leads, clearly outlines their billing terms, and has a dispute process for addressing issues. Buying leads may take a few days or weeks to start performing, but it usually results in a regular supply of leads.

Why Most Companies are Unsuccessful at Getting More Mold Remediation Lead

Expect Immediate Results

If there was one word why most companies are unsuccessful at getting more mold removal leads, its impatience. Whether they are running their own marketing efforts or purchasing mold mitigation leads from a lead generation company, most expect immediate results. Unfortunately, it’s just not that simple.

Marketing and advertising campaigns take time to work. Reviews, referrals, and SEO need time to build before they are effective. Even a lead generation company may take as many as 10 billable leads before you start to see the return on your investment. Regardless of how you are trying to generate mold leads, it’s going to take time to work.

Inexperienced with Marketing

Another reason some companies are unsuccessful in getting more mold removal leads with their efforts is their inexperience with marketing. From designing a billboard to running their own paid search campaigns, marketing takes skill and know how.

While all of these skills can be learned, it involves some trial and error along the way. If you’re looking to grow your business, spend the downtime between jobs honing your advertising and marketing skills.

Unwilling to Spend Money

Many companies are reluctant to pay for mold removal leads and the marketing efforts it takes to generate them. Unfortunately, companies unwilling to invest in their business are destined to fail. Even in a world of social media, no advertising is free.

Instead of worrying about spending money, worry about the return you get from spending money. Regardless of the channel the lead came from, track how much each mold remediation lead cost you. Look for ways to optimize channels, which should reduce the cost, and remove channels that are not performing over time.

Get Exclusive Mold Removal Leads From 33 Mile Radius

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