11 Ways Online Reviews Can Generate You More Profits

Think You Know How To Get More Online Reviews? Read This Now.

You have to get more online reviews to win online.

However, sometimes we can put too much focus on ranking with keywords and content that we lose sight of other important factors.

Did you know, one of the best ways to rank is to get more online reviews from your customers? Getting more reviews online can generate you thousands of dollars each year.

How to get more online reviews & make more money:

1. Higher Rankings

Reviews are one of the main factors that determine your position with major directories and search engines. For instance, a business website with lots of legitimate reviews will rank more highly than a comparable website with no reviews.

While there are plenty of factors that go into the ranking of search results, reviews are a critical component. With better rankings in the search engine, you will show up for more potential clients that need your services.

Remember – creating fake reviews is not a recommended way to try to game the system!

2. Conversation Rate Boost

One of the best reasons why you need to get get more online reviews is revenue.

Having real, high-quality reviews increases the chance that a potential customer will give you a call. In fact, over 80% of consumers look at online reviews before they choose to do business. Having plenty of good reviews on your website not only gets them to call but moves them through the sales process faster as you have built a level of trust and confidence with them.

3. More Clicks

By having reviews and a star rating, customers will see your listing stand out from the rest and naturally be more inclined to click on your local listing.

This also holds true for Adwords ads; more reviews means a higher click-through rate as you will be able to enable the reviews extension. (To access this feature you will need at least 150 reviews with a rating higher than three stars!)

4. Greater Trust

Trust is the deciding factor in any purchase. Without trust, the transaction will never take place. As it turns out, a whopping 88% of consumers find online reviews as trustworthy as personal recommendations.

When customers are online looking for a service, they not only want to know that they are going to someone who can help them, but also someone that knows what they are doing and can get the job done professionally. Outside reviews are the best way to build the trust with potential customers right away. The more reviews you have, the better—even if a few are bad reviews!

5. Social Marketing

Viral marketing is a great way to increase revenue to your marketing. Reviews can have this same effect.

When you ask a user to leave you a review, they will be more tempted to tell their friends about the experience and easily share it on social media. If done correctly, your customers can help sell for you!

6. Improve Your Business

As with anything in life, feedback is required to improve. Luckily, online reviews enable customers to leave honest feedback about your company.

There will always be a client or two that you can’t make happy, understanding how you can improve will increase the value of your business and help to generate more revenue! Instead of getting upset at a bad review, welcome it as a time to learn about and improve your business strategy.

7. Back Up Your Claims

It is unfair that service contractors are sometimes seen in a bad light due to the actions of a few bad apples that are simply out to take clients’ money. Because of this tendency, having reviews that you can share with potential customers only helps to prove that you are the real deal.

Furthermore, testimonials on third party sites are viewed as more reliable than ones that you provide the client yourself, so be sure to reference these when you are talking to your clients.

8. Validate Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is still the #1 way that people get business. However, many people still research the company online before making a purchase.

Validation is what reviews are all about, and after hearing that you do great work, your customers will want to see that it has been the case multiple times. The best way to validate a word of mouth reputation is to have strong customer service policies in place, as well as holding your service technicians to a high standard of excellence.

9. Crush Your Competition

Look at the difference between the three Google My Business placements below:Google My Business Ad With Review


Which one stands out more to you? Is Terry the Plumber getting people to call him? No probably not compared to the one above and even below him – sorry Terry.

Having reviews is a surefire way to stand out from your competitors – despite having a lower ranking! So start to get more reviews on Google now!

10. Fix Issues

Reviews should be used as a method of feedback. If used correctly, your clients will let you know which employees are doing well and which ones are not.

Instead of waiting to hear about the problem, your customers can provide you with instant feedback regarding who is doing what and allow you to correct the issue quickly! Be sure to reply to all reviews promptly and courteously, whether they are good or bad!

11. Use it in the Sales Process

Make sure to point to your great reviews when you talking about your services with a potential client. Not only is it an additional talking point, but it also shows off that you stand behind and are proud of the work that you do!

Don’t Fall Behind

Remember getting reviews should be at the top of your marketing strategy, if not you are going to fall behind and lose to your competitors. Start asking for reviews today and start increasing your online presence.

Make sure to train your entire team on how to get more online reviews!

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