3 Online Review Management Tips You’ve Got To Try

Did you know that a single bad review can cost you up to thirty customers?


Conversely, consumers are 31% more likely to spend more money on a five-star business.

Needless to say, online reviews are more important now than ever. It’s not enough just to have them, you also need to manage them. That means dedicating some time and effort into making sure that you’re getting up-to-date notifications when customers review your business and responding to them in a timely and constructive manner. Whether the reviews you’re getting are positive or negative (hopefully they are mostly positive) the way you respond matters.

Here are some tips to ensure that you are getting the most out of your online reviews.

Dedicate the Manpower

First of all, it’s necessary to make sure that someone is actually responding to your reviews. Don’t assume that someone will take care of this—assign this task to someone (or multiple someones). Make sure that the person you’ve chosen understands their role: to reply to reviews in a timely and constructive manner, update your social media accounts, and manage new content.

What does that mean?

That means thanking customers who have left positive reviews and engaging with those few negative reviews with the goal of resolving the issue to everyone’s satisfaction. Now, it’s true that you just can’t please everyone, but making the effort will go a long way toward reassuring future customers that you actually care what they think.

So, choose wisely.

It also means having that person update your news feeds periodically with engaging articles and updates that reflect well on your business. You’ll want your online review manager to be tech-savvy enough to familiarize themselves with the review sites and social media, how they work, and even what software may be available to make this task easier.

Understand Online Review Management

Managing your online reviews may seem like an easy task, but to do it right you need some real understanding of how reviews can impact your online reputation.

It’s not enough simply to read and respond to reviews (although this is essential) it is also important to know how to promote good reviews, get more good reviews, and bury bad ones far down the line. Cultivating your positive reviews is vital to getting more of them later on—that includes analyzing any and all feedback you receive and using that to streamline your process or improve your customer service in future interactions.

Your reputation is more than reviews, though.

It also includes having a strong profile on multiple social media outlets where you share good news with prospective customers. By posting current events, news, and positive stories about your business, you’ll find yourself head and shoulders above the competition.

Expert Advice

You don’t have to become an expert at online review management—there are actually already people who can do that for you.

Rather than trusting your online reputation to someone who may understand social media well enough but might be lacking in the finer subtleties of online marketing, it’s always good to remember that you can hire an expert. There are many companies out there who manage public relations for a living.

These guys understand how the rating systems work, as well as how best to utilize the information, news, reviews, and all those other things that form your online presence. It’s never a bad idea to spend a little money on professional assistance—especially when you consider how large of an impact proper online review management can have on your business!

The world of online review management can be tricky. It’s a good idea not only to dedicate the manpower capable of handling it but also to make sure that your dedicated online person is the right one for the job. That can possibly mean hiring someone exclusively to handle this or consulting with a firm that handles this stuff for a living. Whatever you choose, don’t neglect your online presence!

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