3 Out Of The Box Ideas To Get Google Reviews

Get Google Reviews The Easy Way

An important factor in marketing your business is to get Google reviews, spreading brand recognition, and forming a trustworthy online presence that customers respond well to.

While there are many ways to go about getting more positive reviews, the best way to get reviews for your business is to have your employees ask every customer for a review.

A great plan, to be sure, but the toughest part is making sure that they ask them. Many people are uncomfortable asking someone to review the job they’ve just completed, but they’ll have to do just that if they want to get Google reviews.

The trick is to get them past their initial anxiety and to a place where they want to ask your customers for a review. In other words, there have to be incentives, or it will never work.

Get Google Reviews

Because reviews are free to get, spending some money on your employees is worth every penny!

Providing your employees with incentives to get more reviews for your business does two things: first, it shows that you are willing to make an investment in your employees, second, it gives your staff a genuinely appreciated reward for their hard work.

Here are three proven ideas that work to get Google Reviews:

  1. Try giving $1000 to the employee who has the most reviews each quarter. After all, money talks. For most of your employees, a thousand dollars can be a real game-changer.

    This may seem like a lot of money to invest, but getting a steady stream of fresh positive online reviews really will give business a boost, and the money is certain to keep everyone’s interest.

    A little friendly competition is good for business, but make certain that things aren’t getting out of hand. When reviews are coming in, everyone benefits from increased business. Be sure to provide your employees with regular opportunities for training and stragegy so that everyone has a chance to shine.

  2. $1000 is a large sum, and not every company can swing it—no matter how many new sales they’re getting. Not only that, but a large sum of money can quickly turn a friendly competition into an inter-office war.

    Or maybe getting more reviews for your business isn’t your highest priority right now. If you are working on a smaller scale, consider these alternatives:

    • $100 gift card to the person each month that has the most reviews
    • $100 gift card to the person with the highest rated reviews
    • (and/or) $100 gift card to the person that asked for the most reviews in the month
  3. Recognize people’s achievements. Make sure that the employees who are working hard and getting the most reviews (or best ratings, etc) are being recognized during team meetings.

    It can be a real boost to have your progress formally recognized. Furthermore, take the time to hand-write them a thank you letter citing their hard work and great reviews.

    Showing a personal interest in the progress and success of your employees is a great way to make sure that they are getting the recognition they deserve.


Don’t forget about the customer. Send a thank you letter to the customer after they leave you a review! It doesn’t have to be hand-written, but a quick note online demonstrates that their effort was not in vain. Everyone likes to feel appreciated!

And…That’s It!

Generally speaking, employees who feel like their efforts are valued will do more for their company than those who feel unappreciated. It is important to know that while incentives are encouraged, at no time is it appropriate to punish those who do not make the quota.

Understand that not every person will want to leave a review, no matter how nicely or professionally they ask. Punishing someone for something that is, ultimately, out of their control will only foster resentment about the new strategy.

By creating good incentives and a positive work environment, you will ensure not only that the reviews keep coming but also that your employees stay interested in getting them.

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