Why Paying To Get Google Reviews is Worse than Dating Taylor Swift

The Best Way To Get Google Reviews Is Not Buying Them

We all know her songs, whether you mostly hate (or secretly love) to listen to them, there is no denying that dating someone notorious for turning break-ups into hit songs is probably a bad idea. If you have a teenaged daughter, you probably know more about Taylor Swift than you care to admit, but for the rest of us, suffice it to say that the popular singer has a bit of a reputation* for brief relationships that culminate in her standing alone in the spotlight and singing about it. Despite all evidence to the contrary, guys persist in thinking that dating Taylor Swift is a good idea even when the arrangement clearly only benefits her. This is a lot like purchasing fake reviews and evidence suggest that it is not the best way to get Google reviews.

Paying for reviews is just as bad, if not worse than, trying to date Taylor Swift. The allure of more visibility online as well as increased revenue makes it seem like a great idea but in the end, it’s a trap!

Even if you are fearless, here are three reasons why purchasing fake reviews is just a terrible idea:

Your Story Is “Treacherous”

I hate to say it, but whether you start dating T-Swift or paying for reviews, everyone knows that the relationship is not real and simply done for publicity. These days, people are smart enough to smell something fake from a mile away and unfortunately, this is especially true for home service contractors because many people have been burned by shoddy work.

While buying a bunch of fake 5-star reviews might trick some people, what about all the people who are turned off by your brashness? When 61% of all people will look at online reviews before making a purchase, is it worth risking fake reviews that could turn people away from your business? Even if half of the people that visit your website don’t notice, what about the other half that does?

Is it really worth the time and money spent to get business reviews, simply to turn off half of your potential customers? If your potential customers spot your fake reviews, they’ll know that you were trouble when you walked in.

“Bad Blood” Between You & Your Competition

Just like the tabloids watch every move that Swift’s boyfriends make, you are being watched very closely by your local competitors. As you are no doubt aware, there are only so many companies listed in the local search results. Not only are your competitors checking out their rankings, but also your rankings—trying to figure out what you are doing. If they do a search one day and see that overnight you’ve gotten 30 new reviews, do you think that they will actually believe that they are real? Probably not.

Chances are good that they’ll know exactly what happened.

All they have to do is flag your review, and Google will take a look, which is the last thing you want if you’ve paid for fake reviews. Reviews that have been added simply to manipulate your page ratings will be removed, and you’ll not only have wasted your money but tarnished your reputation. Remember, real reviews are sweeter than fiction and the best way to get Google reviews is to earn them the real way.

You “Should’ve Said No”

Ultimately, much like Taylor Swift’s exes, you’re not going to make any revenue from fake reviews. Instead, Taylor, or in your case the person you paid to make the reviews, is the only one that is going to make money. Google has stated on multiple occasions that it takes fake reviews very seriously. Other sites such as Amazon, Yelp, and Facebook have taken similar stances (Amazon has actually sued people over fake reviews).

While you might be able to get away with it for a little while, is it really worth the time, money, and headache to go through the process over and over again each time you get caught? It might be better just to say that you and fake reviewers are never, ever, ever getting back together.

Alright Enough Is Enough

At the end of the day, the best way to get Google reviews is the right way and best of all you’ll spend less time and money.

These reviews will not only stay on your listing forever, but they will actually look real for future customers.

It’s far better to have 22 real reviews than 200 fake ones that will soon be removed by Google. I never thought that I would write this much about Taylor Swift, but if you made it this far you probably felt the same about reading it.

Hopefully, the next time you hear that annoying yet catchy song on the radio, you will remember why you don’t purchase fake reviews for your business!

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