Contractor Marketing Question Of The Week – Google Rating Filter

Google’s New Rating Filter

Just last week, Google released its newest update to the “local stack” which allows customers to sort companies by star rating. For those of who that don’t know, this means that just because you are ranking in the local stack doesn’t mean that you will still show up after a searcher sorts by star rating.

Take a look below:

Google Rating Filter

We wrote about this rating filter in-depth yesterday but have had many questions on it so we felt it would be good to go further into it.

Watch now and let us know if you have any questions!


Hello and welcome to another Question of the Week. I have Mike here again with us. Today’s question is going to be around what’s this new ranking filter that Google recently released in the local pack?

Yeah. Actually it’s a really neat update to the local pack that Google just recently updated. So what it does is allows you to search based upon ratings of services that you’re looking for. So say you did something like roofing in your area or plumber in my area type thing. It allows you to filter that out based upon the reviews. If you’re looking for two stars and up, great, you can do that. Or four-and-a-half stars or more. So it really gives those companies that area paying attention to their customer’s reviews and what they have to say, engaging those customers to get reviews, allows them to have that advantage just based upon that filter.

Absolutely. What we found is Google is showing more and more that reviews are important.

Of course. Google’s always been very transparent saying that. The increase of your reviews is going to help with your exposure through their search engine.

Right, right. I can imagine this is only going to get more important as time goes on.

Absolutely. You know, making sure that you’re staying in front of your competitors. So don’t miss out on those opportunities. Any time that you get a chance to engage a customer and get a review, take it.

Absolutely. Well thanks, and that sums it up for this week’s Question of the Week. If you want to ask a question, feel free to reach out to us. Thank you.

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