Reviews From The Web – What We Know So For About Google’s Local Search Update

Reviews from multiple sources on the web are now more important than ever

Just two weeks ago, Google released news that their search results will be showcasing your site’s reviews in Search.

Prior to the update, reviews in the local listing and knowledge panel only contained reviews from Google My Business.

From Google:

Available globally on mobile and desktop, Reviews from the web brings aggregated user ratings of up to three review sites to Knowledge Panels for local places across many verticals including shops, restaurants, parks and more.

Last week this change was launched live. Now that we have seen it live on on the knowledge graph and Google My Business, we have a better idea what this means for local businesses and home service contractors.

What We Have Found

The biggest difference in the new view is that the knowledge panel now includes aggregate reviews from the web. This means that sites with reviews outside of Google will now show on your GMB listing.

See below:

Example of New GMB Listing

As you can see above in this example, the reviews from Google are still represented, but below the main information, a new section “Reviews From Web” shows both Facebook and Foursquare reviews.

Even more interesting is the fact that different review sites are being pulled into the knowledge graph depending on what industry you are in.

We have seen many different types of sites depending on the type of business that is being search. From our research we have found that Facebook reviews are by far the most popular. So now is a great time to get more reviews on Facebook!



Further more many sites have been notably left out including Yelp. (They were originally included but then opted out of the program).

What Home Service Contractors Can Do:

Get more reviews -Period.

Reviews are now very important for all local businesses. As we have mentioned in the past, with so many places to leave reviews online, having more of your customers leave you a review is going to be more important then ever.

Even more so, you need to focus on getting reviews where your customers are hanging out and searching. For most home service companies, this means Facebook and Google.

There are many ways for more reviews but if you do not have a process to get more reviews or reviews management application now is the time to get something implemented.

Whats Next?

We believe that Google is going to put an even larger focus on quality reviews in the future. Just over the past few months, many of the latest updates to local search have involved reviews.

While no one knows what the future holds, having good reviews online helps local contractors get more leads to their business either from increased ranking in the search engines or in higher click through and conversion rates.



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