How to get Insurance Restoration Leads

Many of the hardest working and most skilled restoration groups are not getting the business that they deserve, because of the simple fact that they are not effectively making themselves available to the people that are in need of their assistance. Taking your business to the next level, not only includes the quality of work that is provided, but it is also extremely important to use the appropriate marketing strategies.

Think Like A Customer

When an individual comes across water damage in their home or business a common first response is to call the their insurance company. For the person in need of water restoration this works out great because they can quickly find out if they are covered to have damages repaired, as well as what restoration companies the insurance approves. Many insurance agencies have a list of restoration companies that they recommend or require individuals to use, much the same way your health insurance may only be covered if you use a certain doctor. If you are a water damage company on the insurance agencies list then you are most likely enjoying several referrals each month in result. However, if your company is not included in the list of restoration teams covered by the insurance, then you are losing out on a lot of business. No one is going to use a restoration company that they have to pay for, when they can use a company recommended by their insurance agency and have it covered for free.

How To Do It

The question is how do you get on the insurance companies list of referred water restoration companies? 33MileRadius will allow you to get on the list of these insurance agencies, in return generating your company more water damage phone leads. 33MileRadius has partnered with many local insurance agencies in order to generate and increase phone leads for water restoration companies.

Whether business is slow and your water damage company needs more work, or if business is booming and you are looking to expand, teaming up with insurance companies is a great way to bring in more restoration leads to your company. Team up with 33MileRadius and start getting the phone leads back from your competitors that you are missing out on.


  1. Trae Ely says:

    I’m interested in hearing more on this.

    • Jeff Rooks says:

      Thanks Trae, I’ll see if we can expand our information on getting more insurance leads in the future. Is there something specific you are looking to learn? Jeff.

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