Landing More Insurance Jobs: How Excellent Customer Service Will Get You More Insurance Jobs

Landing More Insurance Jobs: A customer with a ceiling leak and water damage calls for a restoration specialist to fix the issue.Andrey Popov / Shutterstock

Most disaster mitigation contractors would like more insurance jobs because they tend to be more lucrative. However, many contractors still worry that insurance agents will try to force their customers to use preferred vendors.

The key to getting more insurance jobs is to provide value to the customer. Building a connection and providing excellent service can make all the difference. You still won’t land every job, but a little legwork will go a long way to earning their business.

Answering The Call

You should always ask qualifying questions everytime the phone rings. Are you the homeowner or decision maker? What is the cause and extent of the damage? You should also ask if they have called their agent yet.

If they are insured but haven’t called their agent yet, let them know you’d be happy to call them together once you arrive. Sell them on the idea that you’d hate for them to say the wrong thing only to have their insurance deny the claim.

If they have already called, you should still try to close the deal. The faster you can get there and get a signed work order, the more likely you’ll be able to bill for at least some of the job.

Document The Damage

Once you’ve stopped the cause of the damage, offer to document the scene with the homeowner. While they might be focused on big ticket items or damaged possessions, you will undoubtedly see things they would overlook.

Work with them to identify as much damage as possible. Answer any questions they have as you survey the damage. Point out items that they might miss. Keep a detailed list and photograph anything of significance.

Provide them a copy of all the photographs and a complete list of damage once you’re done. Not only does this make you look better to your customer, but it will also help you write up your estimate.

Call Their Agent With Them

Now that you have a better understanding of the damage, offer to call their insurance agent with them. Make sure they understand that their insurance will try to settle for the lowest amount possible.

Prepare them before picking up the phone. Tell them how to explain the damage and coach them on what questions the adjuster will ask. While they should do the talking, ask them to call on speaker phone so you can answer questions if necessary.

Renovation: The Added Bonus of Insurance Jobs

Obviously, the insurance company will only authorize rebuild to the original state of the room. Since the customer is likely only paying for the deductible, they may be willing to spend out of pocket on renovations.

Only start this conversation once the work has been approved by the insurance company. Walk them through the work and ask plenty of questions. While you can make a gentle suggestion, avoid trying to hard sell them on upgrades.

Avoid Bashing Insurance Adjusters

Always treat insurance companies and claims adjusters with respect. Even if they ask you to leave, being professional will only help you in the long run. By continually providing excellent service for a reasonable price, you may land a spot on their short list.

It’s Worth Putting In The Effort

By providing excellent customer service and coaching your customer, you will land more high-value insurance jobs. You may spend more energy on these calls, but they are likely to be more lucrative.

Even if you don’t get the insurance job, you’ve proven yourself with the customer. They will likely remember that next time they need a service. While you might perform the entire service, you can still ask them to leave a review or give you a referral.


  1. Drew Fox says:

    This is very helpful. Especially about the part about calling the agent together. I work for an insurance company and one of the hardest parts is being able to get the correct information on a client. Calling the agent together would be very time saving and also make sure the right information is presented. Calling just the agent or just the client can always lead to incorrect information. Putting in the effort never seems to be the problem, insurance companies always will put in the effort to have the correct information for a client. Client comes first.

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