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Hurricanes and your business

I cannot help but notice the reports of the second hurricane of the season brewing. Judging by mother nature’s recent trend of unforgiving storms, heat, snow, tornadoes, floodings (and that is only to list a few) it would not be surprising to witness a hurricane season like no other in the year 2011. It is especially important to establish a plan for emergencies between your family members if you live in an area that is susceptible to the upcoming hurricane season. This includes the preparations before, which I will explain in the upcoming paragraphs, and then after when you return to your possibly damaged home.

Hurricanes are, first of all, the result of a low-pressure center surrounded by storms. It usually develops strongest in areas where saturated air rises, typically over warm waters. This is why the hurricane season is typically over the seasons of late summer and early fall, as the warm currents in the Atlantic Ocean are the warmest and strongest. Also, since it feeds off of the water currents of the Atlantic, hurricanes will follow these currents: in this case from North Africa to the North American Caribbean area. As a result, the region that is most affected and in the path of the destructive storm in southeast states of America.

The first, and perhaps the most obvious, tip for optimizing safety in a hurricane is to be alert for hurricane warnings from local media and other news outlets. Especially in this time period, do not ignore evacuation warnings because not only will it endanger you and your family’s safety, but rescuers afterwords as well. Instead, when such a warning is given, you should immediately secure your property, such as closing or boarding up windows or other openings within your house. You should also always have an emergency supply that is ready to be used at any given moment. This supply should include flashlights, battery-powered radios, first aid survival kit, and other necessities that you deem necessary. It is also common to secure a safe room in your house that is clear from windows, glass and in a completely enclosed area within your house.

How to get more leads from hurricanes

You should also be prepared for what comes after a storm. Many families that are blessed with safety return to a home that is completely water damaged after a flood. As a result, they are forced to find a professional water restoration company and, unfortunately, may miss your optimal services. This is why 33 Mile Radius is a great asset to have when you are expanding your own water restoration company. 33 Mile Radius uses unique online marketing that gives customers the advantage in searching for a small local water restoration company, such as your own. Lead generation is a rapidly growing marketing method and you should not be left behind. Stay a step ahead of your competitors and utilize leads by phone for customers especially in this now very trivial period where water damage problems will increase.

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