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Today the San Francisco Chronicle posted a news flash informing residents that “over half the Bay area homes are at risk of catastrophic damage” due to a fallen water tank, which is also a fire hazard “in the event that the gas connection is damaged or broken.” Events like this are a daily occurrence and the need for small water restoration companies are ever growing, simply because of new construction and rapidly changing weather conditions throughout the world. The danger for these small businesses, however, is to become overshadowed by larger national chains. For a local businessman to survive, every advantage available should be maximized. In the last few years, there have been natural disasters of ever-increasing severity, along with the normal unpredictable weather. Now more than ever, water damage is on a rise and the answer to this potentially costly damage is a business like yours – a water restoration company.

The Internet Is Important

When a property owner is facing water or fire damage, they need a properly certified inspector and contractor in order to take care of the work safely. In a world where everything can instantly be searched for using smartphones and Internet browsing, it is important for smaller businesses to take every advantage available to them to keep their local visibility present in local residents’ minds. In the past, dropping a newspaper ad or fliers around town were an effective means of marketing. Today, more people use the Internet to search for their needs, even if the store they are looking for is only a mile away. Studies show that the majority of consumers shop in a 33 Mile Radius around their house. An easy way to accomplish local visibility is to utilize restoration leads by phone, which allows you to highlight your company’s availability to potential consumers. The time when your company is needed is when a home is flooded or a leak is discovered. These things are time sensitive and highly stressful. In a customer’s time of concern, the ease of locating and contacting your company can mean increased business volume for your company, along with the potential for repeat business in the future. While there are always preventative steps that a homeowner can take, it is impossible to predict what might damage a home. Homeowners can prepare for simple weather damage by sealing their windows and doors and regularly checking their bathroom plumbing systems. But how can they prepare for unexpected flash floods or hurricanes? The possibilities for unexpected damages to a home are almost endless. Because of this, making your company visible and available for local customers – when they need you – is essential to generating more volume.

How We Can Help

When your company is easily locatable, it makes it simple to resolve emergencies for customers. Positioning your company for the highest visibility possible means more useable local leads generated on average, a good thing to have in today’s marketplace. Using 33 Mile Radius to promote your water restoration company through leads by phone is simple and proven to be effective in increasing the volume of local customers in your direct working area.

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