How Taking Plumbing Leads Can Get You Water Jobs

Plumbing Leads Can Result Into High Value Water Damage Jobs

Plumbing leads are not just for plumbers anymore. Water damage contractors have been using plumbing leads to generate new water damage claims for their business.

Anyone struggling to make it in the restoration industry knows that it takes teamwork to make the dream work. Acquiring new leads and new contacts are, for some, one of the trickiest aspects of the business.

After all, you can spend years becoming an expert in the field of water damage repair and restoration, but often that education doesn’t include tips on successfully marketing your skills once you’ve acquired them.

There are as many different types of strategy for gaining new leads as there are businesses that need them. In the restoration business, like any other, it is mostly about finding out what works for you and then implementing your strategy successfully.

Some businesses rely on word of mouth to do the job for them, others rely on a strong online presence to generate reviews and refer new customers. One of our clients, in particular, had a clever (and successful) strategy for generating new leads, and we would like to spread the word.

Read the full case study on Plumbing Leads to learn how to get more water damage jobs from your existing plumbing leads.

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