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What is lead generation?

Lead generation is a fantastic way to for your small company to gain customers that are local and in need of help. The types of “help” that these customers need can range from the small pipe leak that has caused a culture of mold to grow, all the way to a flooded basement from a torrential hurricane. Yet, no matter what situation, it can be the first solution that a customer will find. Thus, it is essential to utilize sites such as 33 Mile Radius that provides leads by phone as a way to market your company and gain attention throughout your local community. In unusual cases, water damage can be so severe that a flooded basement can look measly. One such situation pops into my mind very quickly when I am given the word “water damage.”

How it works

It was not too long ago when my university was struck by water damage of epic proportions. In one of the upperclassman residential areas, there was a major pipe that burst, flooding many rooms within the building and making much of the structure inhabitable. In the end, the cold weather was to blame for the sudden failure, as the ice and frigid conditions caused the joints to crack and water to escape. According to witnesses, it was an awesome and frightening sight as hundreds of gallons of water exploded through the walls.

The consequences of the water damage were enormous, as hundreds of students were forced to find temporary homes for quite some time. The mold damage was extensive and quite a few rooms were needed to be completely refurbished. New carpet and wall installation was a necessity in many other rooms. It was a prime example of how not being careful with inspections of pipes (especially in extreme weather) can be dangerous and also costly.

Now, I cannot be certain that my university contacted a water restoration company through a water damage lead provider. But there is no doubt that these situations are common and that, unfortunately, many local companies such like yours are left out due to obscurity. Leads by phone is a great opportunity and method to allow customers that are left with water damage, (hopefully not of equal size as my university’s) a chance to call and contact a local water restoration company and take advantage of higher standards of customer service and professionalism.

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The situation that I have told above is certainly one that is not common and most definitely, will not occur in most common households. Yet, it is very plausible that the severity of that water damage can be divided and shared among thousands and thousands of households each year. This is why 33 Mile Radius is a great investment and way to help promote your small water restoration company as it utilizes leads by phone. I cannot overemphasize the potentials and goals that your company can reach if you simply utilize 33 Mile Radius to gather local customers in dire situations.

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