4 Ways to Make a New Website Seo Ready

Last week I went over to my friends house that he is trying sell. While he has done a good job making it look nice and appealing from the street and even when you are in it, he can’t sell it to save his life. – Turns out the foundation is crap and most of the other repairs he has done was all patchwork so he could save his money to make it look nice on the outside.

This is the problem – people like to see nice looking things and sometimes forget what really matters what it is actually made of.

If you are looking to build a new website or do a website redesign chances are your goal is to show your business in the best possible light as well as be found in the search engines. Too often home contractors, concern (rightly or wrongly) is to show off their great work. While this is a key component to converting more visitors, it may not translate into your website ranking.

Luckily we have broken down the main items your web developer should be doing when designing your website:

Increase The Speed

Page speed or site speed as it is also called is in other words page load time. The reason for its importance is that visitors have the patience of a toddler when it comes to browsing websites. In the new mobile world, a slow site will cause visitors to give up and move on to a faster site that can help them out.

Google has said multiple times that page speed is an important factor in its ranking algorithm. While there are many ways to increase your page speed here are a few of the most common methods:


Compression will allow your site to run faster as it lowers the size of files on your website. A popular tool for this is GZIP. This will ensure that your site visitors experience the quickest site speed as possible.

Lightweight Code

Simply using more optimized code and removing non-required characters can increase your page speed exponentially. Be sure that your developer is not being sloppy with their work!


Having too many redirects in place from different pages or domains will increase the time it takes to load a site dramatically. Each redirect increases the time to download exponentially.

Fix Images

Make sure images are in the correct format. Using the wrong format will cause the picture to take longer to load. The preferred format for the web is PNGs or JPEGs.



Since the dawn of search engines, HTML has been the preferred language for a website. However, as time went on HMTL developers would sometimes use the code in their own or custom way, therefore making it more difficult for a search engine to read and understand the website.

Now with HTML5, developers all use a set language and parameters so that search engines can fully understand the web page and rank it according. Moving forward this should be standard practice so be sure that your site is using this before you begin.

Schema markup

This is ever increasing in importance. Using schema will ensure that search engines understand what your website is about and the content that it is providing users. Because search engines are computers they lack the intelligence (for now) to fully understand what a website is about. For example, your site might contain content about a Jam – but the search engine wouldn’t know if it was about jam regarding the fruit spread or the traffic kind of jam.

Using this markup is critical to your success. Before your developer begins work on your site, insist that he follows the schema.org markup.

Responsive design

We here have spoken about responsive design several times in the past. As the world continues to shift to mobile phones as the primary way to be connected, having a responsive design is not only important to increase conversions but it is also critical to your ranking success. Using responsive design is the best way to ensure that your site will work on all screen sizes and new devices as the come out.

What does this have to do with SEO? Well, first and foremost Google recommends that the best way to have a mobile website is to use responsive website design. At the same time, because you are only optimizing one site it is much easier to focus all of your efforts rather than worry about the mobile site ranking vs the desktop site ranking.

Great Content

Build it right

Don’t be my friend with a nice looking house built that is built on a shaky foundation. Be the guy that has the awesome website both on the surface and undeath the hood.

If you need help please reach out to us for more information!

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