5 Marketing Tips For Online Plumber Lead Generation

Generating new plumbing leads can be a difficult task for any small business.

If you’re already trying, you probably know what I’m talking about.

Plumber Lead Generation

But investing online with plumber lead generation can be an effective way to keep getting new customers.

Here are 5 marketing tips to keep the online jobs coming in:

Lead Generation

If you are looking to generate more new leads for your plumbing business, then plumber lead generation is the solution you’ve been waiting for. Plumber lead generation requires the lowest time investment you can make to get more jobs for your business.

By joining a plumbing lead generation network, you will not only increase the number of leads but also build relationships with local businesses and improve not only your reputation but also the reach of your brand.

All you have to do is pay for each valid lead or call that you receive.

While all providers are different, the advantage of lead generation is that you only pay when you actually get a lead. There are no monthly fees or contracts to keep up with, simply paying for the services you use. Best of all, most networks already have an established lead network and lots of good leads already active in your area!

The 5 Jobs That You Can Get With Lead Generation Include:

  1. Frozen Pipes
  2. Burst Pipes
  3. Leaky Fixtures
  4. Blocked Drains
  5. Gas Leak

Online Reviews & Reputation

Another way to generate leads is to get more online reviews.

This sounds like a strange way to do it, but believe me, your online reputation is important. Receiving new reviews is a smart business move that not only improves your online reputation but also your page ranking with search engines like Google and Yahoo, not to mention your status on review sites like Yelp. When potential customers have a plumbing job, the first thing most people do is to pick up their phone or go online to find services in the area.

If a business has lots of positive reviews, they are far more likely to choose that one over the business with little to no online presence. By generating more plumbing leads, you are also giving yourself more opportunities to gain new reviews. Make certain to have your strategy in place, as well as educating your team in the proper way to ask for reviews from satisfied customers.

Don’t neglect to respond to reviews! Responding to reviews (be they good or bad) gives you the opportunity to interact with your customer base as well as demonstrate good customer service to potential new clients.

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Call-Only Advertising

Call-only advertising focuses on getting new customers by targeting people who are using their smartphones to search for plumbing services. A call-only ad briefly describes the services that your plumbing business provides, along with a phone number link that will directly connect the customer to you.

This makes it very easy for people (especially those who are in an emergency situation) to reach for their phones, hit a quick link, and be immediately connected with the services they need. Call-only advertising is a great way to generate new plumbing leads since it is very cost effective and also easy to use.


Establishing a relationship with your potential customers can be tricky. One way that is particularly effective is to use video on your website. A personal video of you and the team is a great way to prove that you are a real company in the eyes of the potential customer.

Even better, it can be a way to subtly demonstrate how effective your skills truly are. Filming a video at the office, or better yet, on the job, is a great way to build trust and show off your skill-set. Videos can give a face to your company, as well as establish trust with potential customers, bringing in new plumbing leads.

Answer Your Phone Properly

One of the most overlooked pieces of online marketing doesn’t even happen online! It happens over the phone when engaging with your customer for the first time! Often, a phone call represents the first real point of contact between your business and a potential customer.

If you are not answering the phones in a calm, professional, and approachable way, then customers will simply find someone who is. It is a good strategy to have a set method for answering the phones, both for emergency calls and for everyday calls.

When answering a call, be sure to speak clearly and calmly. Even though the customer is calling you, it’s a good idea to open with the name of your company, as well as the name of the person they’ve reached. Utilizing a call script and training your employees to follow it is the most effective way to implement this advice.

Be professional, and don’t forget to get the important information quickly: their name, phone number, and address, just in case you get cut off. That way, you can always call them back.

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In conclusion, there are many things you can do to generate new plumber leads. Being active with plumber lead generation not only improves your reputation but also increases the number of jobs you’ll get. Using a lead generation service is a very effective way to get started.

Using that in tandem with the other suggestions, such as call-only advertising, online reviews, utilizing videos on your website, and properly answering business calls, ensures that your plumbing business will thrive.

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