The 9 Non-Negotiable Reasons Why Lead Generation Trumps In-House Marketing

If you are new to the idea of home services lead generation, you may not know that the differences between lead generation and hiring an in house marketer are quite big or in the words of our new President – Huge.

While we do admit that it is not for everyone, many home service contractors have found that lead generation works better than an in house person, while others find that it’s a great way to supplement what they’re already doing.

That being said, lead generation is a pretty kick butt way to get more leads, especially for home service contractors. With the help of our new president, Donald Trump, we are going to explain the 9 non-negotiable reasons why you should use lead generation instead of hiring an in-house marketing person to bring in the new business that your company needs to thrive.

    1. You Can Say “You’re Fired” As Easy As Trump Does

Unlike your in-house marketing person, you can fire a lead generator any time. That’s right, if you feel that the leads you are getting are not performing, then you can typically cancel services at any time. Firing your in-house person is going to suck – unless of course, you call The Donald.

    2. Guaranteed Performance

It is hard to lose out in lead generation since you are only paying for leads. At 33 Mile Radius, our guarantee is that you always pay per performance. This means is that this is a very low-risk investment and, as mentioned before, can be turned off quickly. While there is a chance that your new hire might be the next Donald for internet marketing, chances are he won’t be.

    3. Overhead

Think about the time, money, insurance, and overhead costs that you’ll have to have to get someone in the office. A good lead generator will cost you around 7% to 10% of your total jobs. For example, $400,000 in revenue would mean about $30,000 in payments. Unless you are making hires under the table, chances are you aren’t paying a rate that low. Hiring a lead generation service instead of a single person gives you the best bang for your buck.

    4. Multiple Experts

When you hire a lead gen service, you get 10 experts instead of one. With lead generation, you will get a team that encompasses a vast array of marketing and sales professionals that have been in the lead generation business for years. No matter who you hire, they will not be able to match the combined experience.

    5. No Quirks

Bringing a new person into your office environment is always a risk. When you hire a lead generation company, you won’t have to put up with your new hire’s strange quirks. (And you won’t know what that means until you hire them.) Will they like to cook fish in the microwave or forget to shower? You just don’t know, so save the trouble and awkward conversation and hire a lead generation company.

    6. Turn Key Home Service Leads

With a pre-established lead gen service, everything is already set up. It’s plug and play, turn-key, and ready to go. A lead generation network typically already has the leads that you are looking for. Kind of like Trump putting his name on any business.

    7. Performance Tracking

You can track how your lead generation service is performing because that is exactly what lead generation is set up to do. On the other hand, you don’t know what the new hire is doing – are they playing around on Snapchat instead of getting new leads? Or are they actually looking at last week’s data in Adwords trying to figure out what the new bid should be?

    8. Master the Art of the Deal

You don’t have to read The Art of the Deal to get going with home services lead generation. Typically rates are more than fair for the value – if they don’t send you anything you don’t get charged. Alternatively, the new hire is going to cost you regardless if it is a good lead, bad lead, wrong number, or no lead at all.

    9. Lead Gen is the Best Ever

Period, end of story. Just kidding, but I can at least say that about us – take a look at our testimonials or check out our reviews on our lead generation for contractors. (Although do take a look on about the best local business review sites for your own reviews)

If you made it this far, then you probably noticed that we just “trumped” your plans for hiring that in-house marketing expert. While this is all in good fun, you will be amazed at the value our lead generation service can produce for your company, especially compared to some of the alternatives.

Even if we failed to convince you, the beautiful thing is that you can use lead generation alongside your internal marketing person to drive even more leads!

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