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The majority of biohazard cleanup jobs are traumatic events that require an added level of compassion and trust. Through our exclusive lead generation network, we generate biohazard leads for the cleanup of death, blood, body fluids, crime scenes, and drug labs. Our premium biohazard leads allow you to focus on the cleanup process without needing to worry about complicated marketing campaigns, and get those locations back to their pre crime state.

How It Works

  1. We use digital marketing techniques to put our ads in front of customers.
  2. Customers call into our network and we route them directly to you.
  3. You answer their call, set the appointment, and perform the service.
  4. The customer pays you directly after completing the clean up job.
  5. We track the call and bill you on a per lead basis per our service agreement.


Get Started With Lead Generation

Secure Your Service Area

A 15 minute call to secure your service area, confirm the services you offer, and verify your crime scene cleanup business or other biohazard cleanup business qualifications.

30 Minute Training Call

We will review our best practices, train you on using the dashboard, and then activate your account.

Receive More Calls

Potential clients call into our network and get routed to you. Just answer the call and book the appointment for crime scene or biohazard removal services.

Increase Revenue

Grow your crime scene clean up and biohazard removal business, and increase revenue with our exclusive leads.

Biohazard Leads Sent Exclusively to You

Some lead generation companies route their calls to several partners, but we only send each one of our biohazard cleaning leads to a single partner. While this gives you the best opportunity to get the job, it’s also vital that you answer every call.

For that reason, we offer a pause feature. This ensures that you don’t miss calls while you are on another job or just need a break. You can choose to pause your entire service area or individual counties for a duration of 3 hours up to 7 days.

How We Generate Our Biohazard Leads

We use a variety of different marketing techniques to produce leads for blood or bodily fluids, crime scene cleaning,, death, and drug lab cleanup. However, our primary method of generating biohazard leads is through search engine marketing.

Most customers in need of a biohazard cleanup or crime scene cleanup company will turn to Google to search for a company in their area. By using targeted keywords and other advertising methods, we ensure customers see our biohazard cleanup ads.

Additionally, we partner with a variety of advertisers to generate high quality biohazard leads. Search engine optimization (SEO) also plays a role in drive traffic to a variety of different marketing websites.

TESTIMONIAL: Shane O’Dazier, Simple Solutions Restoration“We landed a big $80,000 job on Super Bowl Sunday. $80,000 [reconstruction]. The [mitigation], I think, was about $15,000. We got a hotel flood out of it, too. So it certainly paid dividends for us.”
– Shane O’Dazier, Simple Solutions Restoration
TESTIMONIAL: Stephen Wagner, Specialized Cleaning and Flood Restoration, Inc.“33 Mile sent a lead to Specialized on New Years Day 2018 that turned out to be one of the largest losses we have ever mitigated. The 13500 sqft basement of a prominent hotel in Rochester, NY suffered a 4″ pipe break in their sanitary line. 33 Mile Radius is the reason we are here today! Can’t say enough!”
– Stephen Wagner, Specialized Cleaning and Flood Restoration, Inc.

What We Look For In Partners For Our Biohazard Leads

We are looking for quality partners to turn our biohazard leads and crime scene cleanup leads into jobs. Ideal candidates already have a successful crime scene cleanup business or other biohazard cleanup business, as well as excellent customer service. You should expect a couple leads each week in order to help grow their company.

Handling biohazard phone leads properly is important. Answer calls quickly, ask qualifying questions to ensure the call is valid, set the appointment with the customer, and offer a free in-home estimate.

We also limit the number of biohazard or crime scene partners in each area at our discretion. This ensures the highest level of service to consumers without overtaxing your biohazard cleanup business.

Fair and Flexible Billing for Our Biohazard Leads

We strive to be fair and flexible with every biohazard lead we send to our professional crime scene cleaners and biohazard cleaners. We clearly explain the terms for billing up front and have a transparent process to resolve issues you may have with our billing.

The cost of our biohazard leads vary by service area. We will automatically bill your credit card each week for your valid biohazard cleanup leads. Use our revenue calculator to estimate how much you could make with our crime scene and biohazard cleanup leads.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many biohazard leads can I expect to get each week?

Unfortunately, we cannot predict the actual number of calls you will receive. As you already know, local demand for biohazard and crime scene cleanup services varies.

How soon will I start getting biohazard leads?

It’s impossible to predict exactly how long it will take, but most of our partners receive their first biohazard lead within two weeks of activating their account.

How will I get your biohazard leads?

All of our biohazard leads are live phone calls with a customer on the line. Each call is sent exclusively to one one crime scene cleaning business or biohazard cleanup group, and will always come from the same designated phone number. This way you’ll know the call is coming 33 Mile Radius by EverConnect even before you answer it.

Will every biohazard lead turn into a job?

If you track your existing calls, you already know that not every call becomes a job. The same is true with our biohazard leads. Based on our call statistics, roughly 7 out of every 10 calls turn into viable jobs.

Are there monthly service fees or long-term contracts?

We do not charge fees or require a long-term contract and you are only billed for valid biohazard leads. When you first sign up, we do place a small hold on your credit card to verify your account is in good standing. This is only a hold that is released once we verify your account.

How do I cancel my account?

If you want to cancel your service for any reason, just contact your account manager. We do limit the number of partners in each area, so please understand that if you choose to cancel your account we will not be able to guarantee a spot should you wish to return.

How do you determine if a biohazard lead is billable?

We review every call to determine if it’s a billable biohazard lead. We clearly explain the terms for billing up front, but generally leads are billable if:

  • You set an appointment
  • You exchange contact information
  • You provide pricing or an estimate over the phone
  • You refer the lead to another company
  • The call goes unanswered (4 rings or more)
  • The call goes to voicemail, regardless if the caller leaves a message
  • An automated answering system or call center answers the call, regardless if the caller is connected to you
TESTIMONIAL: Shane Dodson, BIONIC Emergency Services“33 Mile Radius has been a tremendous resource for our company in generating profitable revenues from their high quality leads. In one of the most competitive markets in the country for our industry, 33 Mile Radius has greatly assisted us in year over year growing our business and revenues.”
– Shane Dodson, BIONIC Emergency Services
Become An Exclusive Partner Today

Become An Exclusive Partner Today

We have biohazard leads going unanswered in your area now and need quality crime scene cleanup businesses and biohazard cleanup crews who are able to answer those calls and set the appointment.

We are looking for partners with the following skills:

  • Excellent Customer Service and Call Handling
  • Process for Taking Phone Calls Day and Night
  • Respond to Emergency Calls in 60 Minutes or Less
  • Ability to Close 70 to 90% of Leads

Call 1-888-594-8381 or fill out our contact form today to secure your area and start getting the exclusive biohazard cleanup and crime scene cleaner leads you need to increase jobs and revenue.

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