Reviews From Customers That Buy Our Leads

We have a 4.5-star rating on Google with more than 80 reviews and a 4.7-star rating on Facebook with more than 20 reviews. Here are just some of the reviews that the contractors that buy leads from us have given us.

  • “Awesome service”Barbara Sobel
    Owner, Zen Dry Restoration LLC

  • “I’m busy and they’ve done a good job following up with me”Barry Wright
    Owner, 911 Restoration of Atlanta

  • “33 Mile Radius is a great lead source for us. Not every call is a home run, but over time the ROI is definitely there. I highly recommend 33 Mile Radius for those companies that can truly support 24/7 emergency services.”Cory Graves
    Owner, Restoration1 of Springfield

  • “Simple, straight forward, and affordable”John McCloskey
    Owner, J Francis Company, LLC

  • “They send good leads and the customer service is great!”Michael Delagarza
    Owner, Ranger Recovery and Restoration

  • “Awesome company! Honest, ethical and great guys to work with. We have been doing business (water damage restoration) with them for 4 years. I highly recommend there services if you want to grow your online business. 90% of the leads we get from 33 Mile Radius are good leads, our best marketing tool!”Verdean and Marcia LeMaster
    Owners, Anytime Restoration

Hi my name is Bob Straughn with WSC Construction and Restoration. I’m just calling to talk to you about 33 Mile Radius and the leads we’ve gotten from them over last several weeks of our start up. I can unequivocally say that without 33 Mile our business would not have the fast start that it’s got. We received a lot of smaller water and mold leads, and now we’ve received a large fire lead. So I’d recommend 33 Mile to anybody.

Bob Straughn
Director Of Business Development, WSC Construction and Restoration

  • “I have been working with 33 Mile Radius for over 8 years. The leads are very reliable. In fact last week I received a lead that totaled over $80,000!!! Thank you, 33 Mile Radius!”David Johnson
    Owner, D & S Pro Carpet Cleaning & Restoration Specialists

  • “33 Mile Radius is a must have lead generator, especially for companies in the start up phase. They are able to target the right clients and have jump started my business with great leads!”Tom O’Hara
    Owner, Restoration 1 of Southern Connecticut

  • “I have been using 33 Mile Radius for over 7 years they provide high-quality Water damage leads for my company. I have gotten several jobs with them totally over $100,000. They’re a must if you’re looking to grow your business Thanks again for everything you do for Xpert Restoration.”Gary Blakeney
    Owner, Xpert Restoration of Cleveland

  • “I love that the leads come “hot”, with the prospective client on the line. Our companies conversion rate is much higher with 33 mile leads compared to others we buy.Rob O’Brien
    Owner, Shamrock Restoration, LLC.

  • “All you have to do is make sure you answer the phone and you are guaranteed to make money using this company.. I have used then since 2013.. Please contact me with any questions.”Kevin Telfer
    Owner, Flood Pros of NY

  • “Shaun Smith is fantastic to work with. He is always trying to help you in any way possible. He landed us a large job in a small County that I didnt even think to turn on and he suggested it. Highly recommend working with this company.”Wes Doan
    Owner, Doan Restoration

My name is Shane. We have used 33 Mile Radius for several months. Probably approaching the one year mark here soon. We’ve had great success with it. I think early on right out of the gate, we got a couple really large mitigation reconstruction jobs. So, I mean, it really started producing for us right away. It’ll make the phone ring. I mean, you’ve still got to respond and close and you’ve got to answer the phone. So there’s certain things it may eliminate some from it, but it’ll make the phone ring. We landed a big $80,000 job on Super Bowl Sunday. $80,000 [reconstruction]. The [mitigation], I think, was about $15,000. We got a hotel flood out of it, too. So it certainly paid dividends for us. I would certainly give them my recommendation.

Shane O’Dazier
Owner, Simple Solutions Restoration

  • “This is a great company to work with. In just over a month, we have doubled our sales, thanks to 33 Mile Radius! I couldn’t be happier with their service.”Daryl Menton
    Owner, Restoration 1 Of The Capital Region

  • “I think these people have an outstanding product and regularly recommend them to anyone in need of leads. I owe a lot of my work to them! Just answer your phone and verify the lead and you can make money as well.”Patrick O’Connor 
    Owner, 2nd Chance Restoration

  • “33 Mile Radius has been a tremendous resource for our company in generating profitable revenues from their high quality Leads. In one of the most competitive markets in the country for our industry, 33 Mile Radius has greatly assisted us in year over year growing our business and revenues. We highly recommend this great company to anyone who seriously seeks to add leads, growth and revenue to your company.”Shane Dodson
    Owner, BIONIC Emergency Services

  • “Working with Tim and Mike (Rudy) and the team at 33 Mile aimed to increase our call volume of insurance restoration work in areas of Minnesota where we had little to no coverage. We were thrilled how quickly Tim and Mike and their team added Service Restoration to their program, and got us up and running. The increased call volume and quality of the calls have exceeded Service Restoration Inc.’s expectations. What we appreciated most about working with Tim and Mike and their team was the knowledge and connections they have within the industry, as well as the high quality leads delivered, allowing us to cut through the predictable politics, while keeping our team busy with additional projects.”Dan Schmidt
    General Manager, Service Restoration Inc.