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Get High Value Water Damage Jobs Now

Your company is great at providing restoration services. Our company is great at providing a full range of marketing services including generating live phone water damage leads that are high quality, high converting, and exclusive.


A customer comes home to water damage or an unexpected leak. They go online to search for a water restoration company and find one of our optimized local water damage websites. They call a tracking phone number on the website, enter their zip code, and your phone rings. When you answer the phone, you hear a message saying, “33 Mile Radius Lead” and are immediately connected to your customer.

What We Do

  • Paid Search on Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on and many other water damage restoration web sites.


  • No Set Up Fees!
  • NO Monthly Fees!
  • Only Pay For Valid Leads!
  • Live phone leads starting at only $300 per valid lead. (Pricing may vary depending on the size and population of the service area.)
  • Exclusive leads in your service area!!!
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Fair and flexible pricing


  • How many water damage leads should I expect to receive each month?
    • You should expect an average of approximately 2-5 leads each month. Some of our partners get 15 leads and some get 3 leads. Volume varies based on population, weather and other factors.
  • Are your restoration leads exclusive?
    • Yes. Unlike the competition, we never provide a restoration lead to more than one partner.
  • What’s the average conversion rate I should expect?
    • Typically our leads convert at 70-90%.
  • Am I charged for a bogus lead (i.e. wrong number, etc.)?
    • No. We never charge our partners for bogus leads. All calls are recorded.  You can dispute any call by logging into our Partner Dashboard before the next billing cycle.  You only pay for valid leads.
  • Are there any long term contracts?
    • No. We have a retention rate of 95% so we don’t expect there to be a cancellation.  In the event you want to cancel your account, we simply request a 7 day notice which allows us to find a new partner for your service area.
  • Can I pause my account if I’m sick, on vacation, too busy due to weather, etc.?
    • Yes. Simply login to our Partner Dashboard and click Pause Account.

If this sounds too good to be true, don’t just take our word for it…

  • “We were thrilled how quickly Tim and Mike and their team added Service Restoration to their program, and got us up and running. The increased call volume and quality of the calls have exceeded Service Restoration Inc.’s expectations.”– Dan Schmidt

  • “Great company they alway provide good quality leads with high conversation rate. I have been with 33 Mile Radius for over 5 years and I would recommend them to anyone.”– Gary.

  • “To be honest, I was hesitant with joining with 33 Mile Radius… With so many lead gen companies that offer you everything and end up not fulfilling, 33 Mile Radius sounded too good to be true. However my opinion completely changed once I started out with them. With 33 mile radius, I spent roughly around $30,000 last year and got over $400,000 worth of business from that investment.”– Alex

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