Prioritizing Multiple Jobs: Keep Customers Happy While Working Multiple Jobs With Good Organization and Communication

There will be times when you’re working a job and get a call about another. Good organization and communication skills are the keys to prioritizing multiple jobs.Surfin_Rox / Shutterstock

Due to nature of water damage and disaster mitigation, you can’t predict when customers will call. There will be times when you’re working a job and get a call about another. Good organization and communication skills are the keys to prioritizing multiple jobs. Whether you’re an owner-operator or are operating several crews, these skills will keep all of your customers happy.

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The Secrets To Repeat Business: Keep Your Customers Coming Back Again and Again With These Tips

Win more jobs with these customer service tipsTim Mossholder / Pexels

Water damage and disaster mitigation are often seen as one and done jobs, but that’s no reason to treat your customers as disposable. Repeat business is easiest when you offer non-emergency services, but your customers have friends, family, and neighbors that may face a disaster. Whether through repeat business or referrals and reviews, learn how to keep your customers coming back again and again.

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Response Time: Land More Jobs By Managing Your Customer’s Expectations To Your Response Time

Land More Jobs By Managing Your Customer's Expectations To Your Response TimeNile / Pixabay

For your customers, ever disaster mitigation job is an emergency. Most customers will expect you to arrive with sirens blaring like the fire department just minutes after they call. While this is obviously unrealistic, there are steps you can take to set realistic expectations for your response time.

The difference between landing the job and your customer calling a competitor usually comes down to effective communication. While you deal with water damage every day, this is likely the only time your customer will encounter this situation. Their home or business has been devastated and they are likely stressed out, frustrated, and emotional.

Even after landing the job, your customers will have their own expectations on how long the job will take. Clearly outlining your response time and managing expectations through the job will reassure them their lives will return to normal soon. This will lead to more return customers, positive reviews, and referrals.

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Get More Disaster Mitigation Jobs With These Customer Service Tips

Win more jobs with these customer service tipsGerd Altmann / Pixabay

You work with water damage and disaster mitigation every day, but each job is likely a first for your customer. Having solid customer service skills will help make them feel more comfortable you and make the process go smoothly. That will not only lead to more repeat business but also more reviews and referrals that will generate more new business.

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These Proven Call Strategies Will Help You Convert More Water Damage Calls Into Jobs

Convert more calls into jobs with these proven call strategiesJohn-Paul Joseph Henry / Unplash

Water damage and disaster mitigation are predominantly phone based, so it’s important that you know how to convert those calls into jobs when the phone rings. Instead of trying to make the sale, focus on these proven call strategies that reassure customers and make them feel confident in your ability to resolve their situation. By building trust with your customers, you won’t have to sell them at all – they’ll be glad to hire you.

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How Follow Up Calls Can Turn More Leads Into Jobs

Learn how to get more jobs by making following up callsConger Design / Pixabay

The simple truth is not every call is going to turn into a job, but follow up calls can help you land a few more jobs that otherwise would have lost. The trick is knowing which calls to you should follow up on.

Follow up on any call where you provided a free estimate because you have an existing relationship with that customer. While they probably made other arrangements, you should still follow up with customers seeking disaster mitigation services. Those jobs may be more lucrative a few days later too.

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How to Avoid Common Phone Mistakes That Kill Leads

How to Avoid Common Phone Mistakes That Kill LeadsMichael Gaida / Pixabay

Phone calls are the life’s blood of most water damage and disaster mitigation businesses, so it’s important that you know how to avoid common phone mistakes that will prevent you from converting leads into jobs. You should train everyone who answers your calls how to avoid these common phone mistakes to ensure you’re converting as many leads as possible.

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The Bad Review Blues: How to Respond to Negative Reviews

Geralt / Pixabay

Bad reviews got you down? You may think all of your reviews need to be perfect, but bad reviews can actually help your business. If you only have perfect reviews, customers are likely to assume they are fake or you are screening them. As long as the good outweigh the bad, negative reviews prove all of your reviews are real and that you have nothing to hide.

While you may think defending your business when you get a bad review will make you look better, but typically it’s the exact opposite. Some customers may be dissuaded by a few bad reviews, but they will definitely call your competitor if they see you constantly arguing with your customers. You will look much better if your responses show that you value your customer’s business and take their opinions seriously.

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Savvy Buyers Hire Properly Insured Contractors

Helloquence / Unsplash

Most commercial jobs will require you to be properly insured and even some residential customers are asking for proof of insurance. We asked the experienced team at Brunswick Companies to share their insight on the importance of insurance.

Senior Vice President Michelle Hirsch has over 14 years of insurance experience, working with entrepreneurs and small business owners to help them manage their risks while they grow. Brunswick Companies has offered insurance brokerage and risk management consulting services since 1972.

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Business owners and individuals recognize the benefit of transferring potential liability to others and negotiating contracts to their advantage. When hiring contractors like you, these buyers are aware of possible risks in having workers on their premises or in their homes and will take steps to mitigate those risks.

When contracting a job, buyers will request your certificates of insurance and may ask to be an additional insured on some of your insurance policies.

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