Qualifying Leads: 5 Questions to Ask Every Time

qualifying leads: 5 questions to ask

For many business owners in the home services industry, it’s not uncommon to wear multiple hats. From managing the business side of things in areas such as marketing, sales, and finance to working with customers and carrying out daily projects, you’ve got your hands full.

Even if you are not looking to offload any work anytime soon, finding ways to do all of your jobs more efficiently can make all the difference for your business. A good place to start is at the beginning, qualifying leads.

Qualifying leads can be time consuming, but asking initial questions can help eliminate bogus inquiries and save you time. Check out these five questions you can use to qualify leads immediately.

1. Where Did the Lead Come From?

It’s important to track the source of your leads for a couple of reasons. Whether you are using a third-party lead generation service or putting your own marketing efforts to use, you want to know the quality and fit of the leads coming from each source. After you’ve tracked the source of lead for a while, you can narrow down the most efficient and highest-converting channels for your business, saving you time and money in your efforts.

2. What’s the Project Timeline?

One of the first questions to ask a prospective customer is about their timeline. You need to know how soon they want to start the project, how quickly they need the work done, and their flexibility.

In addition, know how flexible you can be with your own schedule. If you don’t have the availability to start a job when they need, either work with them to make it fit or move on to a lead that’s a better fit. Remember, don’t spend too much time trying to make schedules work if it’s going to put a strain on your other projects.

3. Are Your Services in Their Project Scope?

If a prospective customer’s project is outside of your scope, you will want to know right away. Working with third-party lead generation services or even dealing with inbound leads from your own website can bring in prospects that are looking for services outside of what you offer. Identify these leads early and move on. If you are able to add extra fields to your forms to help identify what a prospective customer is looking for, this will help you a great deal.

4. What’s Their Budget?

Budget can make or break a project. Before connecting with any prospect, you need to know how flexible you can be with your price. Whether that’s coming down on what you charge, alternative parts you can use, or even offering a payment plan. Taking the time to ensure a prospective customer understands what to expect when it comes to cost will improve trust, save you time, and may even help you book the job.

5. Are They in Your Service Area?

Perhaps the most important question to ask yourself about a potential customer is, are they within your service area? Taking a job that’s outside of your service area might seem lucrative, but when you factor in the cost of travel, materials, and time taken away from other jobs, you may want to rethink pursuing leads that involve extensive travel.

Qualifying Leads with 33 Mile Radius

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