Turn Opportunities Into Success Stories

The opportunity to increase your revenue is based on the number of leads and jobs you get. Every day restoration companies just like yours overlook easy opportunities to get more calls.

# of Leads → # of Jobs → Revenue

More leads turn into more jobs that increase your overall revenue. Although not every lead is the same, each one is another opportunity to close a job.

Most of our partners only buy leads in one vertical: water damage. While water damage may be your bread and butter, you are missing great opportunities in mold and plumbing.

Real Opportunities. Real Success Stories.

$200,000 Commercial Mold Remediation Job

After talking to one of our water damage partners, they agreed to give our mold leads a try. Within three months, they got a 200 unit apartment mold remediation job worth over $200,000.

Are those results typical? Maybe not, but there are big opportunities are out there. The more calls you get, the better the chances of landing a huge job.

4 to 1 Return on Investment With Our Plumbing Leads

Another water damage partner wanted to invest in their business. We allowed them to pre-buy 50 plumbing leads at a discounted rate. They scored 2 water jobs worth $13,000 when the leads only cost them $3,000.

That’s more than a 4 to 1 return on their investment. While they didn’t share what they did with the other leads, we assume they feed them to local plumbers in exchange for future referrals.

Water Jobs, Plus a $30,000 Mold Remediation Job

Finally, another partner went down to North Carolina in the wake of Hurricane Florence. We sent them several water damage leads while they were there and they picked up additional opportunities while they were out on those jobs.

They were about to head home when we pitched them on adding mold leads. They ended up landing a $30,000 mold remediation job just a few days later, the single most lucrative job of their trip.

Start Exploring Your Opportunities Today

Are you ready to explore all of the opportunities around you? Contact us today to start getting more opportunities with our exclusive phone leads and unlock up to a $500 lead credit when you add mold or plumbing leads.

If you add mold leads, you’ll get a $500 credit when you pre-pay for $500 in leads. If you add plumbing leads, you’ll get a $300 credit when you pre-pay for $300 in leads.

There is absolutely no risk when you pre-pay for leads. If our lead generation network isn’t a good fit for your business, we’ll refund your remaining balance.

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Disclaimer: Pre-paid lead credits are only for new partners or existing partners that add a new service. Restrictions may apply. Existing partners should contact their account manager to confirm their eligibility.

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