The Ultimate Video Guide to Google My Business Part 3

Want to know more about Google My Business? You are in luck! Mike is back again with part 3 of the Ultimate Guide to Google My Business.

Reviews can help your stand out from your competators

Reviews Play A Critical Part Of Your Google My Business Listing

In the last video, Mike spoke about getting your listing setup correctly within GMB. Which if you missed it, is the most important part of getting ranked in the local stack. If you haven’t watch it yet be sure to do so.

Let’s Talk Reviews

This week is all about reviews. You probably know that reviews are important for your business, but did you know that having reviews in Google My Business is another critical component to success?

Reviews not only help get you ranked higher in the search results but also increase visibility to your competitors.  The tough part, however, is not knowing the power of reviews it is the getting and managing reviews.

Topics Covered in Part 3:

  • Importance of reviews
  • How to direct customers to leave a review on GMB
  • How to properly manage reviews

Hopefully, after watching this video you will understand how to get and manage more reviews for your business online. Remember, reviews do not stop at Google My Business. You should be getting reviews on all sites that you are active on!

Part 3: Getting Reviews On Google My Business:

Transcript of the Video:

Welcome back. Mike McGeady, Account Manager, and Project Specialist with 33 Mile Radius. I hope you enjoyed the first two videos that we created: Google My Business 101, and Best Practices To Optimize Your Google My Business Listing. Today we’re going to jump into the world of reviews: Why they’re important, how customers can see your reviews on your Google My Business listing, how to ask for reviews, and then what do we do when we receive them?

Reviews are important because it gives your potential customers a snapshot of who you are, and what your audience is saying about you. They can also see how you’re engaging your customers by replying to those reviews, whether in a positive or negative tone. Your potential customers can see within your Google My Business listing how many reviews, and how many stars are correlating with those reviews that have been left. Google then provides three of their preferred reviews that have been left within your Google My Business listing, and customers can expand out, and read all the reviews that have been left for you. Customers can also sort by most helpful, most recent, highest score, and lowest score.

How do we ask our customers for a review, and how do we share it with them easily to make sure that they do show up within your Google My Business listing? Since Google My Business is powered by Google Maps we can actually click on the map to expand out to direct it to your Google My Business listing. Google has then built in a share icon that prompts … That loads a field that has a URL that takes them directly to your Google My Business listing, and then you can also click to have it shortened that you can share via text message, or email, or on social media.

Since we know how to share easily how do we get our customers to go to our Google My Business listing, and leave a review? We need to ask at every opportunity whether they’re in your place of business, or your storefront, or you’re on the job at their place of business, or at their residence. You need to make sure you’re engaging them at every opportunity to leave a review for you, so that way they can say something nice about your business, and help expand your audience.

Once we have that review that’s been left we want to make sure that we’re managing that review appropriately. Within your Google My Business listing, or with your Google My Business Dashboard I should say, there’s a reviews field that allows it … You to look at the total number of reviews that have been left. You can sort them by rating, and by date. Whether it’s a positive or negative review we want to make sure that we’re reviewing with a … Replying with a comment.

With a positive review we want to thank them for their business, and tell them that we look forward to working with them again in the future. With a negative review, we want to have a tone of positivity with an attempt to resolve. Don’t attempt to resolve through the review comment, but attempt to set up a phone call, or a visit to ensure that we’re resolving. It’s important too that when you’re asking for reviews to engage your employees to make sure that you’re … That they’re onboard with that process as well. From there you’ll have a positive experience overall for your review process, and start to see the direct results with your online experience.

The next video we’re going to jump into the world of insights to get a better understanding of views, and clicks, and phone calls to see all that optimization that we’re doing that moving the needle, and to make adjustments based upon that data. I look forward to our video next week, and we’ll see ya then.

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