Get More Plumbing Jobs: How to Get More Plumbing Jobs From Existing Customers and Leads

How to Get More Plumbing Jobs From Existing Customers and Leads

Plumbing leads are opportunities to get more plumbing jobs. From optimizing your content for organic search to running paid campaigns, there are plenty of methods of generating leads. Aside from advertising and marketing, one of the best ways to get more plumbing jobs is by targeting your existing leads and customers. With a few steps, you can find more plumbing jobs while you’re on the job.

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Ways to Get More Plumbing Jobs from Your Existing Leads

One way to get more plumbing jobs is from your existing leads and customers.

    1. Offer a Courtesy Inspection – Inspect their property and identify potentials for additional work.
    2. Perform Services That Add Value – Build trust by providing complementary services like tightening valves and marking shutoff valves.
    3. Avoid Trying to Sell Them On More Services Immediately – Don’t rush to upsell them on services because they may think you’re taking advantage of them.
    4. Ask Customers for Reviews and Referrals – Remember to ask customers to leave reviews and refer you to friends and neighbors.
    5. Add Them to Your Email Marketing Campaign List – Get them to sign up for your mailing list so you can send them topical content and offers.
    6. Follow Up With Them About Other Services – Follow up with every customer and remind them about those items you identified during your inspection.

How These Tips Will Help Get Your More Jobs

Following these steps will help you get more plumbing jobs in two main ways. First, you are working to build a relationship with your customer. They are more likely to trust you when you provide additional services.

However, all marketing takes time, money, and effort to create more plumbing jobs. These tips are no different, however, they should convert at a higher rate than through other methods.

Since you have built a strong relationship with your customer, they are more likely to hire you again. Those changes are even better if you identify specific things that customer might need.

5 Ways to Get More Plumbing Jobs from Your Existing Leads

1. Offer a Courtesy Inspection

Once you’ve completed the work they hired you for, offer a courtesy inspect to ensure they don’t have another unforeseen plumbing problem. Check every visible or accessible plumbing fixture for signs of leaks, damage, mold, or age.

Run faucets and flush toilets to ensure they work properly and that drain lines aren’t clogged. Pay special attention to the age of their hot water tank and, if they have one, their sump pump.

Some customers may want you to perform service immediately, but that’s usually the exception and not the rule. That’s okay, just keep good notes about services your customer needs and keep them in their file. You’ll use these again in the future.

2. Perform Services That Add Value

While performing your courtesy inspection, do anything you can to add value to your service. One of the easiest things to do is to tighten all the valves and mark shutoff valves. It also looks good in front of your customer too. From toilet and sink valves to drain trap connections, give them a quick test to ensure they are snug.

Depending on the situation, you may even consider a quick complimentary repair. Replace the aerator on their faucet, the toilet flapper, or apply a fresh bead of caulk in the shower. Obviously, use your own discretion on what to provide. However, this is a great way to add value. Especially if they just had a major service or will need one soon.

These value-added services won’t guarantee they hire you again, but they will help build a relationship with them. The stronger that relationship, the more likely they will use you again. It also gives you a better shot at getting a positive review and referrals. More on both of those in a moment.

3. Avoid Trying to Sell Them On More Services Immediately

The goal with all of these steps is getting more plumbing jobs from your existing leads. However, avoid launching immediately into a sales pitch. This can quickly turn them off and some customers may even think you’re trying to take advantage of them.

For this reason, we suggest verbally reporting the findings of your courtesy inspection. Don’t forget to mention all of those little value-added things you performed. Consider creating a home report card that allows them to quickly see what you did.

If you create a report card, include checkboxes for things like inspected hot water tank, tightened water supply valves, and checked toilet flapper. Regardless of how you present your findings, focus on facts and data. Outline the age and life cycle on a hot water tank, sump pump, or other fixtures that show signs of damage or wear.

4. Ask Customers for Reviews and Referrals

Asking for reviews and referrals should always be part of your closing procedures. Whether it helps your paid and organic search rankings or directly generates calls, reviews and referrals are the best way to get more plumbing jobs from your existing leads.

When asking for reviews, ask them if they would leave you a review first. Then find out what sites they use most often and direct them to your page on those services. This increases the chances they will actually follow through.

For referrals, simply ask them to refer you to friends and family if they know anyone who needs your services. Avoid leaving brochures or business cards behind. This is just clutter that they will likely throw away.

5. Add Them to Your Email Marketing Campaign List

If you are running email marketing campaigns – and you should be – add them to your mailing list. Emails don’t work instantaneously, but they will help get you more plumbing jobs over time.

Either ask them if they’d like to subscribe or make sure that the first email you send them includes an opt-in. This ensures you aren’t spamming them, which is a great way to ensure they hire someone else next time.

With your emails, avoid sending repetitive sales pitches or specials. Instead, keep your email marketing campaigns relevant and topical. Include a mix of content, from DIY articles to seasonal reminders and recommendations. You should also Include offers that are related to the content.

6. Follow Up With Them About Other Services

Remember those notes you added to the customer’s file? Use them when you make your follow-up call. You should set calendar reminders to call your customer back after a few weeks. Two to three weeks works best for most services, but you might call back after several months for services related to a hot water tank or sump pump.

When you call, remind them who you are and the services you performed. Make sure they are still happy with your work and there are no other issues. Then mention the findings of your courtesy inspection. Offer to come out for another inspection and estimate on repairs.

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