How to Get Plumbing Jobs with Referrals: How to Ask For Referrals That Turn Into Plumbing Jobs

How to Ask For Referrals That Turn Into Plumbing Jobs

One of the more effective ways to get more jobs for your plumbing company is with referrals. Plumbing jobs that come from referrals often have the highest conversion rate of any type of lead because of the trust between friends and family. Although asking your customers for referrals is easy, these tips will help ensure more customers actually follow through. From the right time to ask to how to follow through, we look at how to get plumbing jobs with referrals.

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How to Get Plumbing Jobs with Referrals

You may think asking your customers for plumbing referrals is easy. Asking is the easiest part, but you need to nurture every relationship if you want to keep getting referrals in the future.

Directly Ask Customers to Refer Your Business to Family, Friends, and Neighbors

Instead, you need to ask customers directly to refer your business to their friends and family. Make asking a part of your process after every single job. Thank them for their business, then tell them that your business relies on referrals. Directly ask them to refer your business to their neighbors, family, and friends. Then tell them you will text them your contact card. Let them know they can share it with anyone they know that needs your services.

Text Them Your Contact Card

Instead of leaving stickers, magnets, or business cards behind, you should text them your contact card. To do this, add yourself to the address book or contact list on your phone. Include your company name, first name, last name, email address, and address. You can even add your company logo or a good photo of yourself to the contact. Then text that contact card to your customer so they can add it to their phone. Don’t just text them the contact card either. Instead, thank them again for their business and remind them about giving you a referral.

Ask Every Customer How They Heard About Your Business

You also need to make it a habit to ask every customer how they heard about your business. Ideally, you should track as many sources as possible but take special note if they mention a referral. While you should make this apart of your process, avoid leading with it. It’s best to ask how they heard about you once you already have booked the appointment or even when you are at their home.

Follow Up With Customers That Give You a Referral

If you get a referral from a past customer, make sure you follow up with them. One option is to give them a quick call to thank them for the referral. This also gives you the chance to follow up with them about their job. Another option is to send them a text message. If you go the text message route, include your latest offer or a coupon but avoid being pushy.

Why You Should Avoid Leaving Marketing Materials Behind

Some plumbers think asking for referrals is as easy as putting a sticker on a water heater or leaving a stack of business cards behind. Business cards and fliers are clutter that they will eventually throw away. The same goes for magnets, bottle openers, and other trinkets. Unfortunately, you aren’t going to get referrals with just these tactics. Unless you specifically ask the customer for a referral, they might not even know you slapped a sticker on their water heater.

Be Realistic About How Many Plumbing Jobs You’ll Get From Referrals

Referrals are a great way to get more plumbing jobs, but you need to be realistic about your expectations. While you should ask every customer to refer your business, you are still relying on chance. Most of us only need plumbing services occasionally. Even if every customer refers you to a family member or family, the number of plumbing leads you’ll get is still dependant upon someone need your services.

How to Get Jobs for Your Plumbing Company With Referrals

The best way to grow your plumbing business with referrals is to be persistent. Make asking for referrals part of your process. When you get a referral, follow up with the original customer. You don’t need to spend a long time on the phone, just thank them both for their business and the referral. You should also ask them about the original job you did for them and if they need other assistance.

Another Way to Get More Plumbing Jobs

Referrals are a great way to get more plumbing jobs, but they aren’t the only way. If you need more plumbing jobs, we offer exclusive, flat-rate plumbing leads. You only pay if it’s the homeowner or decision-maker calling about a plumbing service in your agreed-upon area. Fill out our contact form below to speak with our team about getting more plumbing jobs.

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