Simple Call Tracking Launched: Easily Track Your Calls and Marketing Performance from Online and Offline Campaigns

Call Tracking System: Easily Track Your Calls and Marketing Performance from Online and Offline Campaigns

You probably use several different marketing channels to generate leads, but do you really know if they are successful? Connecting contractors with customers is our business, so we understand the value of every phone call. With our new call tracking system, you can now track the performance of your marketing and advertising campaigns.

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What is Call Tracking

A call tracking system allows you to record exactly how a customer found your business. By tracking the source of each lead, you can evaluate how effective different marketing channels are. This allows you to adjust your marketing strategy to spend the least money on the most leads.

Call tracking is almost as old as the telephone itself. If you’ve ever asked a customer how they found your business, that’s the basis of call tracking. Asking is effective, but it requires you to remember to ask and keep track of responses. While most customers will have some idea, they might not be able to tell you a specific digital ad campaign or exactly which direct mail brochure.

Use Call Tracking to Measure Marketing Performance

Our call tracking system allows you to keep track of the success of every one of your marketing campaigns. Instead of guessing, you’ll know exactly how every customer found your business. In addition to tracking the number of calls by source, we also record all of your inbound calls so you can evaluate the quality of those leads.

With call tracking, you can track the performance of your direct mail campaigns, search engine marketing, website, social media posts, and billboards. While a specific marketing channel might generate the most calls, you may find that calls from another channel are more likely to turn into jobs. With this data, you can adjust how you spend your marketing dollars and improve your return on investment.

How Our Call Tracking System Works

As a key component to our lead generation platform, we know a lot about call tracking. We’ve applied that knowledge to our standalone call tracking system. Our easy to use call tracking dashboard allows you to create your own campaigns and request your own phone numbers. You then update the phone numbers associated with your marketing and advertising campaigns. Our system tracks each campaign and records every inbound phone call. Log in to your dashboard to see which campaigns are most successful and to review calls for quality.

Get Started with Call Tracking Today

Let our call tracking system take the guesswork out of measuring the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. We offer local and toll-free numbers for a flat monthly rate with a 4¢ per minute talk time charge on all phone numbers. Local numbers cost just $5 per month and toll-free numbers are $10 per month. There are no setup or hidden fees and you can cancel at any time. Even if you are buying leads now, you can still use our call tracking system to measure the performance of your offline marketing campaigns. Call 1-888-594-8381 today to start measuring the success of every call.

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