Waiting for the Phone to Ring: Managing Your Expectations for Leads and Jobs Throughout the Year

How to manage your expections for leads and jobs throughout the seasonsFancycrave / Pexels

Due to the nature of water damage and disaster mitigation, it’s difficult to predict when you’ll get leads. While you may expect certain seasons will generate more leads than others, it’s important to manage your expectations throughout the year.

Seasonal Variation and Unpredictable Weather

The volume of water damage and disaster mitigation jobs will fluctuate with the seasons. Water damage calls tend to be at their highest during summer and fall months due to the threat of severe storms, hurricanes, and flash floods.

While mold may grow year-round, excessive humidity during the late summer can result in more remediation calls. Fire damage calls are a little more common during popular summer grilling holidays.

Cold weather holidays often have a greater potential for plumbing calls. The increase in food preparation, as well as more house guests, are likely to put a strain on plumbing systems.

Our weather has become more volatile lately, resulting in an increase in unpredictable severe storms. While this is good for business, it makes it even more difficult to predict when the phone will ring.

It also means you need to prioritize jobs, staff, and equipment. You may consider having a pool of pickup workers that you can hire on a short-term basis when necessary. Don’t be afraid to rent equipment either.

Ensuring You Close Jobs When They Come

Since you can’t predict when you’ll get leads, it’s important that you close those jobs when you get them. The key to closing jobs is answering your phone. If you don’t answer, your customer is going to call someone else.

When you answer the call, strive to make a good first impression and treat every customer with compassion and respect. Once you book the appointment, offer a detailed estimate and outline how long the job will take.

By providing excellent customer service, you increase the chances they will call you next time they have an issue. They are also more likely to refer you to friends and family and leave you a positive review.

Add Channels for Generating Leads

You can avoid seasonal drop-offs by adding multiple channels for leads. Not only does this include traditional marketing, but also lead generation, reviews, and referrals. The more channels you use, the greater the chance your phone will ring.

If you already use a lead generation service, consider adding additional counties or services, like plumbing or biohazard cleanup, during slow seasons. This will help keep your crews working and bring in additional revenue.

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