4 Ways To Optimize Your Website or Landing Page For Emergency Calls

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The old saying is true: you only get one chance to make a good first impression. For many water damage and emergency contractors, this first impression will directly influence whether or not a potential customer decides to contact your business or more on to someone else. One of the first places a potential customer will encounter your business is your website or landing page so they need to make the best possible impression.

Study Simplicity

Always keep your websites and landing pages clean and simple. Your website should clearly identify the services you provide. Potential customers should be able to navigate your pages easily and they should be accessible on both desktop and mobile devices. Use clear language and relevant images to convey your information.

Let Your Customer Know Exactly What You Do Without Too Much Text

If your landing page is cluttered and confusing, your potential customers will quickly go somewhere else. Don’t make them work for it. Compelling headlines are encouraged, as well as “skim-friendly” content. Basically, you want your customers to be able to skim down the page reading only the headlines and highlights, but still feel like they understand your business.

Beware Brochures

Your website or landing page is not a sales brochure. While your content should be clear and inviting, it should focus more on your customers’ needs than on your business biography. Many unsuccessful landing sites fall into this trap; providing too much unnecessary information is a big mistake. As a contractor, your interest lies in identifying your potential clients’ problems and reassuring them that you know how to fix them.

See Above – Too Many Links Might Confuse Your Visitors

Your customers need a rescue, not a lecture. Someone whose basement is flooded doesn’t want to read about how your grandfather started this company. They want to know whether you fix pipes and repair water damage. Stay focused on their problems and your solutions. In some cases, it doesn’t hurt to include a special offer or freebie either.

Establish Credibility

There is no greater proof of your credibility than a job well done. The best way to improve your reputation is not only to be good at what you do but to also be able to tell others about it.

Before & After Photos Are Great To Show Credibility

When a customer is able to see evidence of your past success, it helps to establish trust in your business. Before and after photos are effective, as are using testimonials and reviews from existing customers. Be sure to update this content regularly, showcasing only your most recent success stories.

Call to Action

Your call to action should be extremely clear. This is especially true if you offer emergency services such as water damage restoration, as your customers desperately in need of help. Your contact information should be clearly displayed and include a one-click connect option for mobile users.

Use A Call To Action With A Phone Number

When you are dealing with home emergencies such as home flooding or plumbing issues, we have found that the majority of homeowners would rather talk to a person on the phone rather than filling out a form. Even when presented with a form a visitor may click off of your website.

If you absolutely need a form, you may want to include a contact form so customers can ask you questions about your services. Make sure you collect at least their name and phone number and respond to them as quickly as possible.

The focus of any website or landing page is to get more leads, but remember to focus on the needs of your customers. Instead of in-your-face marketing, streamline your landing page to funnel traffic toward your call to action.

You want your potential customers to access your services quickly and easily and make them feel well-informed about their decision. By keeping it simple, establishing your credibility, skipping the sales brochure, and emphasizing your call to action, your website or landing page will be optimized for success!

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