Recruiting, Hiring, & Retaining Talent in Today’s Job Market

PHOTO: We are hiringGeralt | Pixabay

As we continue to help businesses like yours grow, we constantly get asked how to recruit and retain quality employees to meet the increased job demand. To help, we asked our friend Justin Sifford, a Senior Partner at the recruiting firm Wylander Solutions, to share some insight. Justin has over five years experience as a recruiter and over twenty working in the flooring and construction industries.

At Wylander, we constantly get calls from owners in desperate need of talent for their market. Sometimes it’s a more proactive approach – the owner has had steady growth, and they see the trend is expected to continue, but other times, it’s a call for help.

Finding new talent seems easy, but in my experience it’s more difficult than expected. It’s not just about finding a qualified candidate, but also getting them to agree to pay, bonus plans, benefits, commute, etc.

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