Savvy Buyers Hire Properly Insured Contractors

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Most commercial jobs will require you to be properly insured and even some residential customers are asking for proof of insurance. We asked the experienced team at Brunswick Companies to share their insight on the importance of insurance.

Senior Vice President Michelle Hirsch has over 14 years of insurance experience, working with entrepreneurs and small business owners to help them manage their risks while they grow. Brunswick Companies has offered insurance brokerage and risk management consulting services since 1972.

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Business owners and individuals recognize the benefit of transferring potential liability to others and negotiating contracts to their advantage. When hiring contractors like you, these buyers are aware of possible risks in having workers on their premises or in their homes and will take steps to mitigate those risks.

When contracting a job, buyers will request your certificates of insurance and may ask to be an additional insured on some of your insurance policies.

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Cost Comparison: Getting the most water damage leads for your money

For most disaster mitigation contractors, completing the job is easy. It’s often the marketing required to land the job in the first place that’s the hard part. Given the nature of disaster mitigation, reaching customers in an emergency should be your number one priority.

Even though marketing is critical to growing your water damage business, many companies don’t perceive it is that important, know how to do it, or think it is too expensive. Even businesses that understand the importance of marketing don’t always know where to start.

With growing competition from internet giants Google and Amazon and changes with HomeAdvisor and Angie’s List, marketing is more important than ever. While there are many different marketing options available, choosing the right one for your business isn’t always easy.

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Year In Review: Steps to Growing Your Water Damage Business in 2018

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As this year draws to a close, we take a look back at the headlines of 2017, review the exciting changes here at 33 Mile Radius, and look forward to what’s in store for 2018.

The Top Headlines of 2017

Natural disasters were a major part of 2017. Harvey and Irma caused hundreds of billions in devastation and left hundreds dead and millions of people affected. The California wildfires have destroyed hundreds of thousands of acres, leaving 45 dead and causing approximately $10 billion in damage to date.

In terms of marketing, the biggest headlines are that HomeAdvisor acquired Angie’s List and Google launched their Local Services ads. It’s hard to predict what this will mean for the industry, but you should definitely keep these changes in mind when planning your marketing strategy for 2018.

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Best Practices for Converting More Phone Calls into Jobs

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Phone calls are the life’s blood of most disaster mitigation businesses, but do you know how to effectively convert those calls into jobs?

Adi Klevit from Business Success Consulting Group and Drew Johnson from 33 Mile Radius present this free webinar on best practices for phone calls.

They explain why excellent phone skills are important to landing the job and how to implement an effective process for converting more calls into jobs.

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Get More Jobs With Our Free Local Search Ranking Webinar

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Do you know how to effectively market your restoration business in today’s complicated digital marketplace? Do you know where your company ranks in local search results? If you don’t, you’re definitely missing out on jobs.

Research Technical Institute and 33 Mile Radius present this free webinar about how water damage marketing can succeed in a multi-channel marketing world.

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What Google Local Services Means For Your Water Damage Business

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Over the last several weeks, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in questions about Google Local Services, formerly Google Home Services. Many of our lead generation partners have asked how the service will impact their water damage restoration businesses.

If you aren’t familiar with Local Services yet, customers searching for a home service provider will now get a list of Google verified contractors. At the root of Google Local Services is advertising.

Want to get more leads for your business? Just pay for it. Seems straightforward, right? That’s certainly how Google is selling it, but let’s take a deeper look at what this service means for you.

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Make Your First Impression Count

Make Your First Impression CountJarMolUK | Pixabay

Making a first impression is important to getting the job, so we asked our friends at Spot On Solutions to share their experiences on the topic. Spot On Solutions is an internet marketing agency for cleaning and restoration contractors. Derek, Michael, and Katie, the talented team behind SOS, have a combined 20 years of expertise.

Over the phone or in person, the way your potential customers are greeted will have a significant impact on your company. That first impression is your chance to establish a reputation of professionalism as well as make potential customers confident in your company’s ability to fulfill their needs. With so much at stake, it is crucial that your employees understand how important that first impression is.

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How to Use Your Smartphone to Get More Water Damage Jobs

How to Use Your Smartphone to Get More Water Damage JobsSaulo Mohana | Unsplash

Are you missing out on water damage jobs because you aren’t taking advantage of your smartphone? Your phone is loaded with apps that easily allow you to connect with your customer and market your water damage and reconstruction services.

You have one of the most powerful marketing tools sitting right in your pocket, make sure you’re using it. From setting up your services to communicating with customers, make sure you have and use the right apps to grow your business. Don’t miss out on customers because your competitors are better equipped to connect with them.

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