Five Strategies to Economy Proof Your Business with Strategic Marketing

In the home improvement industry, adapting and thriving in many economic conditions is a key challenge every business owner faces. Our recent webinar, “Five Strategies to Economy Proof Your Business With Strategic Marketing,” brought Socius, MarketSharp, and PulseM experts together to provide valuable insights and digital marketing tips. Scroll to the bottom of this blog to watch the full replay or read on for key takeaways from the webinar.

Key Takeaway #1: Diversify Your Marketing Mix for Optimal Reach

Harness different marketing channels,

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iRestore Restoration Management Software: The Value of the “Call” After the Initial “Call”

Whether you’re buying our disaster mitigation, restoration, or home services leads or generating your own leads, it’s important that you can manage the job and the relationship with your customers. We asked our good friend Lisa Lavender to talk about her restoration management software, iRestore.

Lisa Lavender is VP of Operations Design for iRestore and also serves as Chief Operating Officer and Co-owner of both Restoration Technical Institute and Berks, Fire, Water Restorations, Inc. With an extensive background in water and fire restoration services, she has been training other restoration professionals since 2012. The iRestore restoration management software has allowed Lisa to further expand her passion for helping restoration professionals succeed.

• • •

The phone rings and you are called to duty. Whether it is a new water loss, fire, or mold, you have been given the opportunity to serve and the opportunity to fulfill your mission as a restorer.  As important as it is to deliver high-quality services in a timely manner to your new customer, we do so with the understanding that beyond each individual person you serve lays more opportunity.

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The Art of Interviewing the Customer: Making a Good Impression, Building Confidence, and Interviewing Your Customer Over the Phone

Whether you’re buying our disaster mitigation, restoration, or home services leads or generating your own leads, you need to know how to convert those jobs. In order to help you close more calls, we asked our good friend Lisa Lavender to share some of her called handling wisdom with us.

As Chief Operating Officer and Co-owner of both Restoration Technical Institute and Berks, Fire, Water Restorations,

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Intuitive Project Management for Your Restoration Company: Stop Wasting Time On Paperwork and Increase Productivity with Job-Dox Software

Stop wasting time maintaining you paperwork with this streamline project management software that will improve communication and increase efficiency.Job-Dox | Terje Sollie / Pexels

Whether it’s sorting through a stack of folders for a specific document or updating the status of a project, you’ve probably wasted time organizing and maintaining paperwork. That’s exactly why our friend’s at Job-Dox created their project management software.

Tired of wasting time maintaining their paperwork, they developed their own solution to streamline project management, improve communication, and increase efficiency.

By going completely paperless, they also eliminated the chaos of a desk full of papers and file folders. With less time wasted managing paperwork, they were able to increase profit by devoting more time to jobs.

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Savvy Buyers Hire Properly Insured Contractors

Helloquence / Unsplash

Most commercial jobs will require you to be properly insured and even some residential customers are asking for proof of insurance. We asked the experienced team at Brunswick Companies to share their insight on the importance of insurance.

Senior Vice President Michelle Hirsch has over 14 years of insurance experience, working with entrepreneurs and small business owners to help them manage their risks while they grow. Brunswick Companies has offered insurance brokerage and risk management consulting services since 1972.

• • •

Business owners and individuals recognize the benefit of transferring potential liability to others and negotiating contracts to their advantage. When hiring contractors like you, these buyers are aware of possible risks in having workers on their premises or in their homes and will take steps to mitigate those risks.

When contracting a job, buyers will request your certificates of insurance and may ask to be an additional insured on some of your insurance policies.

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Make Your First Impression Count

Make Your First Impression CountJarMolUK | Pixabay

Making a first impression is important to getting the job, so we asked our friends at Spot On Solutions to share their experiences on the topic. Spot On Solutions is an internet marketing agency for cleaning and restoration contractors. Derek, Michael, and Katie, the talented team behind SOS, have a combined 20 years of expertise.

Over the phone or in person, the way your potential customers are greeted will have a significant impact on your company. That first impression is your chance to establish a reputation of professionalism as well as make potential customers confident in your company’s ability to fulfill their needs. With so much at stake, it is crucial that your employees understand how important that first impression is.

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