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Response Time: Land More Jobs By Managing Your Customer’s Expectations To Your Response Time

Land More Jobs By Managing Your Customer's Expectations To Your Response TimeNile / Pixabay

For your customers, ever disaster mitigation job is an emergency. Most customers will expect you to arrive with sirens blaring like the fire department just minutes after they call. While this is obviously unrealistic, there are steps you can take to set realistic expectations for your response time.

The difference between landing the job and your customer calling a competitor usually comes down to effective communication. While you deal with water damage every day, this is likely the only time your customer will encounter this situation. Their home or business has been devastated and they are likely stressed out, frustrated, and emotional.

Even after landing the job, your customers will have their own expectations on how long the job will take. Clearly outlining your response time and managing expectations through the job will reassure them their lives will return to normal soon. This will lead to more return customers, positive reviews, and referrals.

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Get More Disaster Mitigation Jobs With These Customer Service Tips

Win more jobs with these customer service tipsGerd Altmann / Pixabay

You work with water damage and disaster mitigation every day, but each job is likely a first for your customer. Having solid customer service skills will help make them feel more comfortable you and make the process go smoothly. That will not only lead to more repeat business but also more reviews and referrals that will generate more new business.

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How Follow Up Calls Can Turn More Leads Into Jobs

Learn how to get more jobs by making following up callsConger Design / Pixabay

The simple truth is not every call is going to turn into a job, but follow up calls can help you land a few more jobs that otherwise would have lost. The trick is knowing which calls to you should follow up on.

Follow up on any call where you provided a free estimate because you have an existing relationship with that customer. While they probably made other arrangements, you should still follow up with customers seeking disaster mitigation services. Those jobs may be more lucrative a few days later too.

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How to Avoid Common Phone Mistakes That Kill Leads

How to Avoid Common Phone Mistakes That Kill LeadsMichael Gaida / Pixabay

Phone calls are the life’s blood of most water damage and disaster mitigation businesses, so it’s important that you know how to avoid common phone mistakes that will prevent you from converting leads into jobs.

Not Being Available

One of the most common phone mistakes is to not answer the phone. No one likes late night calls or having holidays and special occasions interrupted,

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Amazon Could Change How Disaster Mitigation Services Are Purchased

Fran1 / Pixabay

Launched in 1999 as an online book retailer, Amazon has grown to become the seventh largest company in the country. One of the keys to their success is Amazon Prime, which includes free 2-day shipping on all Prime items and a number of other services and offers.

Amazon launched Home Services in 2015. The service provides an upfront estimate and allows consumers to add that service to their cart like any other item. While they do not offer disaster mitigation services currently, they have the system in place to expand into water damage or other disaster response verticals at any time.

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Year In Review: Steps to Growing Your Water Damage Business in 2018

Jill Carlson / Flickr

As this year draws to a close, we take a look back at the headlines of 2017, review the exciting changes here at 33 Mile Radius, and look forward to what’s in store for 2018.

The Top Headlines of 2017

Natural disasters were a major part of 2017. Harvey and Irma caused hundreds of billions in devastation and left hundreds dead and millions of people affected. The California wildfires have destroyed hundreds of thousands of acres, leaving 45 dead and causing approximately $10 billion in damage to date.

In terms of marketing, the biggest headlines are that HomeAdvisor acquired Angie’s List and Google launched their Local Services ads. It’s hard to predict what this will mean for the industry, but you should definitely keep these changes in mind when planning your marketing strategy for 2018.

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How The Angie’s List and HomeAdvisor Merger Will Impact Your Water Damage Business

BradleyPJohnson / Flickr

HomeAdvisor’s parent company IAC announced in May that they had acquired Angie’s List for $500 million dollars. The announcement was hardly a surprise, IAC has been courting Angie’s List for the last several years. When the merger closed in October, the two companies were reorganized as ANGI Homeservices.

Although there were a number of layoffs at Angie’s List in September, CEO Chris Terrill said he was looking to “reignite the brand” and hinted they may be hiring in the future. The one thing that ANGI Homeservices hasn’t said is what this means for the future of the two websites and their customers and contractors.

However, companies don’t buy other companies without a plan that almost always involves growing revenue. While they can grow revenue by attracting more customers to their websites, they can also do so by raising rates on contractors as well.

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What Google Local Services Means For Your Water Damage Business

StartupStockPhotos / Pixabay

Over the last several weeks, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in questions about Google Local Services, formerly Google Home Services. Many of our lead generation partners have asked how the service will impact their water damage restoration businesses.

If you aren’t familiar with Local Services yet, customers searching for a home service provider will now get a list of Google verified contractors. At the root of Google Local Services is advertising.

Want to get more leads for your business? Just pay for it. Seems straightforward, right? That’s certainly how Google is selling it, but let’s take a deeper look at what this service means for you.

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Contractor Marketing Question Of The Week – How To Answer The Phone Like A Pro

Do You Know How To Answer The Phone Like A Pro?

The phone rings, do you answer it properly?

No pressure…

But if you slip up you might lose that big job you have been waiting for.

Instead take a call and answer the phone like a real pro.

Want to learn more? Watch the video below!

If you want to learn more in depth on how to answer the phone take a look at our call scripts for contractors guide and learn our 5 step process to close more calls into real jobs.

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How to Setup Your Angie’s List Page to Secure More Jobs

How to Make Angie’s List Suck Less And How to Setup Your Angie’s List Page The Right Way

Whether you’re an old hand at this contracting business, or just starting out, the chances are pretty good that you’ve at least heard of Angie’s List. But do you know how to setup your Angie’s List page to get real jobs?

For those of you who have been living out in the woods,

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