Get More Disaster Mitigation Jobs With These Customer Service Tips

Win more jobs with these customer service tipsGerd Altmann / Pixabay

You work with water damage and disaster mitigation every day, but each job is likely a first for your customer. Having solid customer service skills will help make them feel more comfortable you and make the process go smoothly. That will not only lead to more repeat business but also more reviews and referrals that will generate more new business.

Make A Good First Impression

Whether over the phone or in person, strive to make a good first impression. Whoever is answering the phone should be patient and compassionate to ensure you are able to set the appointment. Whether it’s the first time or the last time, your team should arrive on time and look presentable. Ideally, they should arrive in a company vehicle wearing company apparel.

Provide A Detailed Estimate

When offering an estimate, be as detailed as possible. Outline as many costs as you can predict and explain the scope of the project to the customer ask. If you have concerns about unforeseen charges or potential overruns, include those in your estimate too. This will help eliminate confusion and prevent your customer from thinking you are taking advantage of them.

Maintain a Clean Appearance and Workspace

While disaster mitigation can be a dirty job, remember that you and your team are entering the customer’s home or business. Employees should wear a clean uniform and take steps to prevent dust, dirt, or debris from spreading from the work site to other areas. At the end of the day, clean up the workspace and put away tools. Always bring your own supplies for clean up as well.

Ask Permission Every Time

During the course of the job, there may be legitimate reasons you need to access other areas of the home or business. Always ask the homeowner or property manager for permission every time you need access. The same goes for using the restroom and interacting with pets. While it may seem excessive, it ensures that they know you respect their personal space and property.

Bring Your Own Food and Beverages

Your employees should always bring their own food and beverages, including water. Should customers offer, it’s up to your discretion if you allow employees to accept. While it’s acceptable to drink water, coffee, or soft drinks while working, clean up empty cups or containers right way. It’s recommended you consume food outside, if not offsite, and never assume it’s acceptable to use the customer’s kitchen facilities.

Yes, Customer Service Really Does Matter

Ensuring every employee has good customer service skills will keep that customer coming back time after time. Plus they are more likely to offer referrals and leave reviews that can help grow your business.

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