Water Damage Leads

Optimize Your Keywords to Get Water Damage Jobs: Get Water Damage Calls With the Right Keywords

Optimize Your Keywords to Get Water Damage Jobs

You probably have a website for your water damage business, but if you don’t have a keyword strategy you are missing out on opportunities. From developing a keyword strategy to where to put keywords, we look at how to get more water damage jobs by targeting the right keywords.

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Get More Water Damage Jobs From Your Website By Improving Your Keyword Strategy

While it may seem like magic,

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The Cost of Water Damage Leads: How Much it Costs to Generate Each Water Damage Lead

The number of water damage jobs you get is directly related to the number of water damage leads you get. While you may think there isn’t a cost associated with generating leads, you are probably spending more to get those calls than you think. Even if it’s just your own time, you can attribute some cost to each water damage lead you generate. However, if you really track your expenses,

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Using Your Equipment to Convert Water Damage Leads: How to Use Your Equipment to Convert More Water Damage Leads

How to Use Your Equipment to Convert More Water Damage Leads

Every time your phone rings or you get a text message from a customer, you have an opportunity to land a job. These opportunities are all water damage leads. For some water damage leads, you might be able to convert the customer as soon as you arrive or even while you’re on the phone. However, some opportunities may take a little more effort to get the customer to hire you.

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Turn Mold Leads into Water Damage Leads: Use Mold Leads to Generate More Water Damage Leads

Use Mold Leads to Generate More Water Damage Leads

Water damage and mold go hand in hand. So do mold leads and water damage leads. If you’re a restoration contractor looking to get more water damage leads, consider expanding into mold leads too. Whether you’re getting leads from 33 Mile Radius now or you’re managing your own marketing, expanding into mold leads can increase business and revenue.

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Plumber Leads Mean More Water Damage Leads: How Taking Plumbing Leads Can Get Your More Water Damage Leads

Plumber Leads: How to

One the of hardest parts of water damage restoration is getting enough water damage leads to stay busy. While pipes burst and storms cause flooding, disasters are nearly impossible to predict. Taking plumber leads will help keep your crews busy between water damage restoration leads.

While plumbing leads may not be as lucrative as water damage leads, they tend to have a higher volume of calls. Homeowners are more likely to need a leaky faucet fixed or a drain snaked than a dry out.

Plumbing jobs do require specific tools and skills, but they also lead to more customers. Building a good relationship with a customer means they are more likely to call you directly if they have water damage.

There are other advantages to taking plumbing leads, too. Your plumbing customers will leave reviews and give referrals too. Whether these turn into more plumbing leads or more water damage leads, the result is still more work.

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Water Damage Restoration Leads: Advantages of Buying Water Damage Restoration Leads

There are many ways to generate leads, from social media posts to advertising in the phone book. While many restoration companies are initially resistant to paying for leads, there are actually several advantages worth considering. Whether you’re not ready to handle your own marketing or you’re looking to supplement your advertising strategy, learn how buying water damage restoration leads can help grow your business.

What are Leads and Lead Generation

As a water damage restoration company,

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Storm Chasing For Water Damage Leads: Are You Prepared for the Risky, but Lucrative Business of Chasing After Hurricane and Storm Damage?

While storm chasing may pose some challenges, it can be extremely lucrative work.

Storm chasing has become popular with disaster mitigation contractors. Considering that the 2017 hurricane season was one of the costliest on record, it makes sense that so many restoration contractors consider following the path of devastation.

While chasing storms may pose some challenges, it can be extremely lucrative work. Whether you’re experienced at storm chasing or looking to take advantage of this year’s storm season, here are some tips to ensure you are successful.

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Get the Most from Your Water Damage Leads: Growing Your Water Damage Business Starts With Making the Most from Your Existing Water Damage Leads

Get the Most from Your Water Damage Leads: From answering the phone to completing the job, we’re highlighting the most important ways to maximize your leads.

Disaster mitigation and restoration is often a feast or famine industry. While severe weather often drives calls, hurricanes don’t happen every day. Therefore, it’s important that you get the most from your water damage leads. We listen to a huge volume of calls and talk regularly with our partners. From answering the phone to completing the job, we’re highlighting the most important ways to maximize your leads. While these designed these tips to help our current partners to convert more water damage leads into jobs,

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The Secrets To Repeat Business: Keep Your Customers Coming Back Again and Again With These Tips

Win more jobs with these customer service tipsTim Mossholder / Pexels

Water damage and disaster mitigation are often seen as one and done jobs, but that’s no reason to treat your customers as disposable. Repeat business is easiest when you offer non-emergency services, but your customers have friends, family, and neighbors that may face a disaster. Whether through repeat business or referrals and reviews, learn how to keep your customers coming back again and again.

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Response Time: Land More Jobs By Managing Your Customer’s Expectations To Your Response Time

Land More Jobs By Managing Your Customer's Expectations To Your Response TimeNile / Pixabay

For your customers, ever disaster mitigation job is an emergency. Most customers will expect you to arrive with sirens blaring like the fire department just minutes after they call. While this is obviously unrealistic, there are steps you can take to set realistic expectations for your response time.

The difference between landing the job and your customer calling a competitor usually comes down to effective communication. While you deal with water damage every day, this is likely the only time your customer will encounter this situation. Their home or business has been devastated and they are likely stressed out, frustrated, and emotional.

Even after landing the job, your customers will have their own expectations on how long the job will take. Clearly outlining your response time and managing expectations through the job will reassure them their lives will return to normal soon. This will lead to more return customers, positive reviews, and referrals.

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