How to Make Homeadvisor Suck Less

How to setup your Home Advisor page to make it work

The last few years have brought a strong rise in the number of websites offering to connect your business with people who are using the internet to shop around for services.

Places like Angie’s List, Yelp, and even Facebook have been catering to this growing need for years. When you’re talking about the home service industry, however, don’t miss the opportunity to include HomeAdvisor in your dialogue.

The HomeAdvisor website offers a focused and interactive environment where customers are able to find reviews that are relevant to their specific needs. It’s a super effective way to get your company name and relevant information in front of a potential customer who needs your services.

The catch?

It isn’t free.

We’re not here to convince you whether or not HomeAdvisor is worth the money because they offer a free 30-day trial so that you can make that determination for yourself. Today, we’re here to talk about how to setup your HomeAdvisor page because, let’s face it, setting up a profile on a new website can suck!

A well-designed profile plays a very large role in whether a customer decides to trust you to repair what is likely their most precious investment: their home!

Make sure that you do it right.

Gather Your Information

The first step is to make sure that you have accurate information about your business right in front of you before you even start!

This means not only double-checking your address, email, and phone number but also making sure that your licenses and credentials are all handy and up-to-date. The more updated and accurate this information is, the more at ease your potential customers will feel in choosing you.

HomeAdvisor lets you display your areas of expertise alongside your credentials and licenses, proving to your customers that you are indeed a legitimate business with certified and reliable people.

Know Your Categories

Sure, general descriptions are important, but HomeAdvisor really lets shoppers narrow things down. The best way to take advantage of their pre-screening process is to spend some time thinking about the precise categories of home services that your company is prepared to offer.

Shoppers on HomeAdvisor generally already have a very specific project in mind and are looking for an expert that matches their expectations. By selecting services from an ever-narrowing array of options, HomeAdvisor can be sure to send the right customers to the right businesses.

By being clear about what services you have to offer, and what your specialties are, you are more likely to be matched with someone who is looking for exactly that. Pre-qualifying leads means that the people using HomeAdvisor are more likely to hire you once they reach you, but getting them there is up to you!

Emergency Services

Not all home remodeling projects are planned.

If you list your available emergency services with HomeAdvisor, you may be able to increase your revenue. Emergency services may include remediation or restoration work as well.

When you list yourself as being able to provide 24/7 services, your business will appear in a special tab that shoppers can use. While people dealing with emergency situations may not make up a large portion of your targeted demographic, it is always good to let people know that you do provide these services when necessary.

Also, people will remember who came to help them during the emergency situations that arise and will look to you for help with planned projects in the future. It’s a win-win.

Background Checks

One thing that many people who shop online are searching for is proof of credibility. That’s what reviews are all about—but even reviews can be faked or re-written and to get more reviews on homeadvisor you can not have fake reviews!

HomeAdvisor runs background checks in order to give their customers more peace of mind when deciding who to invite into their personal space. When you consider that trust is the main thing that you’re promoting online, you’ll see that this is actually a really good deal (unless you’re hiding a shady past, that is).

Studies have shown that people trust a good review about as much as they trust an actual recommendation by a human being. When you talk about this level of credibility, it’s hard to imagine anything that will leave a better impression than a verified background check.

Either way, it’s good to know beforehand that this will happen.

Now that you’re armed with all of your information, setup of your HomeAdvisor account should be a breeze. While it’s true that they don’t send leads exclusively to you (they’ll be sent to more than one contractor), HomeAdvisor is a great way to expand your online presence.

We hope this has been helpful in advising you on how to set up your HomeAdvisor page!

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