How to Use Facebook to Market Your Handyman Services

Facebook Marketing

With more than 302 million users throughout the United States, Facebook connects people and businesses every moment. As one of the hottest marketing tools available to handymen, it’s ideal for directly targeting the customers you want to see your ads and visit your website.

Even if you’ve never used Facebook before, a few simple actions will help you get started on marketing your handyman services. In this article, we will cover why Facebook is one of the better options for your business, and how to start utilizing the platform to help your business.

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Why Facebook Is a Great Choice

In marketing, you want to be where your customers are. As a handyman business, your customers are homeowners, moms, dads, grandparents, just about anyone. With Facebook having more users than any other social media platform, you can reach many of your potential customers in one place.

A Facebook Business Page gives you a web presence, a way to interact with customers, and a free way to promote your business. Here are 3 reasons why you should be using Facebook.

The Ability to Grow Your Audience

Through a combination of your business’s Facebook page and your advertising efforts, you can grow a loyal online customer base. The more your audience grows, the easier it’ll be for you to gain exposure to other prospective customers. People can choose to follow your page, giving your business access to their news feed. This will help them see any promotions you share, customer testimonials and before and after photos.

Liberal Limits on Ad Text

Unlike other social media platforms, Facebook offers little restrictions on the length of the copy you use. This is particularly important when getting started, as it can be difficult to limit what you want to say to a few words.   With little limitations on text length, you can strike a friendly tone that appeals to your customers.

Handy Visuals that Show Your Work

As a handyman, it’s natural to want to show your customers how great your work is. Photos offer instant gratification to those looking for help with projects. When using Facebook, you can add multiple photos that demonstrate your work. This will help you stand out from the competition and display your services.

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How to Make Facebook Work for Your Handyman Business

Now that you’ve learned why Facebook is right for advertising your services, it’s time to learn more about how to make your Facebook experience successful. As a handyman, you may not have the time for social media in general. These easy-to-follow tips will help you use the platform to your benefit in little to no time at all.

Create Your Facebook Page

Begin by creating your Facebook page. This will act as your business identity on the platform. Once created, ask friends, family and existing customers to like it. Be sure to advertise the page via your website to gain more likes and encourage followers.

Spend Time on Your Visuals

Facebook users are visual creatures, and the posts you share will attract attention if you use the right photos. Focus on before and after images to show your audience just how adept you are at fixing problems. Use your logo and business colors to help customers easily identify what page they are viewing.

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Narrow Your Target Audience

You can advertise to gain more customers and followers but showing your ad to everyone on Facebook is a waste of effort and money. Spend some time researching your ideal customer and then fine-tune your Facebook ad settings to find them. Experiment with several types of targeting before settling on one or two to produce the best results.

Vary the Writing on Your Ads

The beauty of advertising via Facebook is that you can vary the writing on your ad according to the audience you’re targeting. For example, the language you use to target older customers could differ from the language you use to target young singles. Or you can vary the text according to the service you’re focusing on.

Use Simple and Appealing Language

Try to avoid using industry jargon and instead hone in on the type of language your customer may understand. This is something you should apply to organic and paid-for posts. You should address customers’ pain points, like not wanting to paint themselves, or fixing a leaky sink, and how your services can help.

Final Thoughts

As social media continues to be popular in marketing and advertising efforts, it’s important to establish a social media presence. These efforts can help establish your brand and bring in more leads.

With a little effort and experimentation, you can use Facebook to connect with customers and enhance your reputation. Get started today and start building your online presence, no construction tools necessary.

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