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Partner Dashboard

There are many advantages to doing business with 33 Mile Radius, but one of the services that we’re most proud of is our Partner Dashboard. The Partner Dashboard makes it easy to access all of your information and settings online. Once you’re a member of 33 Mile Radius, you will receive a login and password for your account. You can then go to and go to Partner Dashboard Login and you’ll be taken to the page. Don’t worry if you forget your login information, we have a password recovery system in place to help you out. Mold and water leads have separate pages and logins, so make sure you’re in the right place! Below are some of the features that you can enjoy as one of our partners . . .

Informative Features

Our Caller ID feature shows you the number of the person calling you. When you get a call from 33 Mile Radius on your phone, we’ll pass you the Caller ID. We pass all calls on directly; you will never have to worry about someone else answering a call that is meant for you. Calls can be routed to any number (chosen by you), but do be aware that this is a 24/7 hotline. If you are unable to take calls on a 24-hour basis, your account can be paused and resumed to reflect your normal business hours. All calls are recorded and can be listened to at a later time.

When you receive a call, you will be prompted by an audio file which tells you that it’s a 33 Mile Radius lead. After that notification, you will be directly connected to your caller. Other information we’ll provide includes date and time of the call, call length, and service area zip code. Now, this is a useful feature in that it doesn’t display the zip code that the person is calling from—it displays the zip code of the property where they need your services. So if the property owner lives in Florida, but needs work on a property in Ohio, you will get an Ohio zip code. You can also access previous calls and leads using our system, and customize the search for specific times and dates according to your needs. All of this information is easily accessible through the Partner Dashboard.

Location, Location, Location

Our Partner Dashboard allows you to choose which counties you’ll be receiving calls from. All you have to do is email [email protected], and we’ll get back to you within 24-48 hours. Adding or removing counties is a free service, but since it does take time to process your request it may be to your advantage to pause your account for the duration it takes to change that information.


At 33 Mile Radius, we never charge for leads that don’t work out. From your Partner Dashboard, you can keep track of the cost per lead, as well as seeing which leads you are charged for. If that section is blank, it means that we have not reviewed the call yet. If a call comes in on Monday, we will review the call and have it scored by the end of the day on Tuesday. If the number value is zero, it means that we reviewed the call and determined that it’s not billable. Once we’ve reviewed a call and determined that it is billable, this will be clearly marked on your Partner Dashboard.

h2>Billing Cycle

Each time you log in, the Partner Dashboard will revert to the current billing cycle. Billing cycles run on a weekly basis, starting on Monday at midnight and going to 11:59 the following Sunday. If there are any disputes to the billing cycle, we do require that they are submitted on Tuesday of each week by 12 pm Eastern Standard Time. Disputes may include leads that don’t fit the description of ‘billable lead’ which is agreed upon in your contract with 33 Mile Radius. Disputes are in review Tuesday and Wednesday. Disputed leads from the previous week will be handled every Thursday.

Pause Account

The ability to pause your account is an incredibly handy feature. Even if your business hours are 24/7, it’s nice to have the option to pause your incoming leads if you get too busy, or go on vacation, or are dealing with your own emergency situation. It is your own responsibility to pause or activate your account, and it cannot be done over the phone, so be sure to keep your login information handy. We recommend saving it in your phone or mobile device so that it can be easily recalled if necessary, but if you forget, you can always retrieve your password through the Partner Dashboard and we will email it to you immediately.

Account Information

When you access the Account Information section of your Partner Dashboard, you can manage your emails, destination numbers, credit card information, and text notifications. Again, the destination number is the phone number we are routing your calls to. Destination numbers can be changed at any time, but it is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the number is correct. You will be charged for billable leads, even if they are sent to the wrong number, so make sure to triple-check yourself there! We support email and text notifications for up to three people.

Learning Center

If you have any questions about the Partner Dashboard, we encourage you to check out our Learning Center. The Learning Center covers all features you may encounter in the Partner Dashboard. If you visit our website, we also have a great FAQ section, as well as blog posts and marketing tips that work!


Once you are a member of 33 Mile Radius you will receive a log-in and a password for your water and if you’re doing the old mold accounts. You’re going to go to then go to partner dashboard log-in and you’ll be taken to this page. If you forget your log-in information click here and you’ll be prompted, enter your ten digit phone number. That’s the destination phone number where we route all calls. Then you’ll receive an e-mail of your log-in and password. We’re going to log-in to our water account now.

This is our water account. This is a test account. You know this is in your water dashboard because it’ll say water dashboard here. If you do receive mold leads from this you’ll have a separate log-in and it’ll say mold dashboard. When you go down here you’ll see the from and to, this is the date range for the lead so you can make a custom date range. Basically click on here and if you wanted to go back to the 18th you can see okay click go. It goes back to the 18th.
Each time you log-in it will revert to the current billing cycle. If I expand this out, the billing cycle runs from Monday at midnight to 11:59 Sunday each week so the 25th until the 31st this week. Every time you log-in it’ll show you the current billing cycle so if you logged-in tomorrow it would be the 25th through 26. Again that is just default, you can always expand that.

A couple of important dates to remember. Again the billing cycle runs from Monday to Sunday on every week. On Tuesday of each week we require disputes to be in by 12pm Eastern Standard Time. Again we give you the ability to dispute a lead if it doesn’t fit the definition of a billable lead which is agreed upon in your contract with 33 Mile Radius. Then once the disputes are in we review them Tuesday and Wednesday. Then we deal for the leads from the previous week every Thursday.

The billing cycle runs from Monday to Sunday. All disputes must be in by Tuesday, we review Tuesday and Wednesday and then your account is billed on Thursday. Going down here, if you would actually have any calls coming in all this information would be filled out. You’re going to see the date and time of the call, the time is Eastern Standard Time. The destination number, this destination number is the number that you gave us that you’re going to your calls routed to. This is a 24/7 hotline so if you can’t answer the calls we’ll give you the ability to pause your account.

Next we have a caller ID. This is the caller ID of the person who is calling you. When you get a call from 33 Mile Radius on your phone we’ll pass you the caller ID. It’s always going to be that someone’s calling you directly. We’re not going to be answering it for you.

Now when you do receive the call, you’d be prompted by an audio file which it’ll say basically speak into the phone and it says 33 Mile Radius lead. After you hear that you’ll be connected with the caller directly. That’s where you announce yourself. This is Tim with XYZ Restoration, what’s your emergency. Then you’ll see the duration of the call. This is just the length of the call. The service area zip code. Now this is the area or basically where they want to get service from. The caller is prompted to enter their zip code where the property lies. You could be in Georgia, the person could have a Florida caller ID but the property could lie in Georgia so you’re always going to want to see, answer the call and follow up with the person. By the service area zip code.

Now the cost per lead. Now this is either going to be blank, have a zero in there or have a dollar amount. Now if it’s blank it means that we have not reviewed the call yet. If a call comes in on Monday, we review the call and have it scored by the end of day Tuesday. If it has a zero in there that means we reviewed the call and we determined it’s not billable. You’ll see under 33 Mile notice it’ll say not billable.

If we reviewed the call and we determine it’s billable, it could be billable for water or billable for mold. Sometimes the mold calls do come through the water damage network but we’ll either have a dollar amount in there. We’ll say billable mold, billable water damage so on and so forth. For some reason if you dispute the lead we give you this area under partner notes. It’ll be a little box here and you can type in your information. You could be like this was a renter please do not bill or turns out it was an actual somebody looking for a job so those are not billable by our definition and what’s in your agreement. You can also under partner notes you can put in here like hey this was the Tim Henderson job 15,000 dollars, great job thanks guys.

It’s important that this is not only a place you put your disputes but also a place where you will keep track of how 33 Mile Radius is doing. From there after you with us 2 or 3 months you can export to CSV which is an excel file then compare and contrast how much you spent versus how much you’ve made with 33 Mile Radius. Under here were it says call recording they’ll be a link to the call recording so you can listen to the call.

Over here, this is the current counties. You click on here. These are the current counties that you are in. See this is a test account there’s no counties that are in here. If you ever need to add or remove counties you Email team@33mieradius. We say we can get back to you within 24 to 48 hours sometimes we can even get it done sooner. So again it’s no cost you, just Email team and be like, “Hey I’ll like to remove these or hey I’d like to add these counties”. Now if you’re getting calls from counties that you don’t want you can Email us but again it takes 24 to 48 hours for us to process that. You might want just want to pause your account if you’re getting those calls if you can’t handle them.

If we go over to account information, this is basically where you would manage the Emails and destination numbers and text notifications. This is the destination number where we’re going to route calls. Again if you want to change this you feel free to do so at any time but you double triple check that you put in the number correctly because if we route calls to an incorrect phone number that you did then we’re still going to bill you because it was your mistake. Again it’s something you need to double or triple check and we’ve spent marketing dollars to drive you those calls.

We support up to three Email notifications so if you want up to three people at your business can receive Email notifications. Likewise up to three people can receive text notifications. Down here just tells you what the cost per lead is for your account. If you ever want to update your credit card on file just click it’ll take you to secure form where you can fill out your credit card information.

If you ever want to activate or pause your account click here, your account is now paused and if I want to activate click here your account is now activated. It is your responsibility to pause and activate your account. We will not be taking any phone calls that pause or activate your account. This is your responsibility save your log-in information on your phone. If you forget your information you can always hit the forgot password and get it immediately.

Learning Center, everything we’ve gone over here you can click on the 33 Mile Radius frequently asked questions, marketing tips that work. We also do web design and development. If you’re ever interested in getting any websites or doing search engine [inaudible 00:08:43] we would love to help you out with getting your website up to speed.

Log-out. All right. If you have any questions feel free to contact Tim Gill or Drew Johnson at Thanks guys.

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