Advantages of Buying Leads: How Buying Flat-Rate Leads is More Cost-Effective That Other Marketing Methods

Many contractors are initially concerned about buying leads. Some think they are too expensive while others are worried that they will pay for junk calls. However, there are several advantages to buying leads as well. You get all the benefits of an industry-specific advertising agency, but you only pay a flat-rate for valid leads. Here are the 8 biggest advantages of buying leads from 33 Mile Radius.

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8 Advantages of Buying Leads

Here are the eight biggest advantages of buying leads from 33 Mile Radius. While you should still take advantage of other avenues for generating leads, buying leads will supplement your business and help you stay ahead of your competitors.

1. Only Pay For Valid Leads

Whether you are running your own marketing, hire a marketing person, or contract with a marketing agency, you are paying for every call regardless of whether it was a good opportunity. With our lead generation services, you only pay for the lead if it is the homeowner or decision-maker calling about a service you are signed up for in an area where you are active. You never pay for fraudulent calls or wrong numbers.

2. Exclusive Leads that Convert

We produce some of the highest quality leads in the industry. Most of our contractors converting 70 to 90 percent of their valid leads. While you may pay for a few leads that didn’t work out, most of the leads you pay for turn into jobs. When you’re paying for your own leads, you pay for every single one of them. That includes all those telemarketer calls, renters, and real estate agents.

3. Easily Pause When Your Are Busy

Everyone needs time off occasionally, so we offer a pause feature that allows you to stop getting leads. You can pause your entire account or just specific service areas. Whether it’s a few hours to finish a job or a week to relax and unwind, you have complete control over your account.

4. Cancel At Any Time

There are no long-term contracts with our leads, so you can cancel at any time. Most marketing and advertising agencies require a long-term contract. Hiring a full-time marketing person means additional benefits and potentially needing to fire and re-hire that position. With our leads, if we’re not a good fit with your marketing strategy you can leave at any time.

5. Expert Marketing For a Flat Lead Rates

Our team includes marketing professionals that are experienced with disaster mitigation and home services marketing. Our success is tied to your success, so our expert marketing team is constantly working to generate the best leads possible.

6. Dashboard for Tracking Performance

You need to measure the success of all of your marketing channels to see what works best for your business. We provide an easy to use dashboard that allows you to track your calls, dispute leads, and measure your success. Our goal is to produce leads that convert for all of our contractors, but you can easily see how we perform for your business from your dashboard.

7. Works With or In Place of Your Own Marketing

Our leads work with and in place of your own marketing methods. Whether you’re running your own campaigns, have a full-time marketing person, or have a contract with a marketing company, our leads are just another way to get jobs. Because our leads are so flexible, you can use them to get more jobs during slower seasons or to keep you busy while you get your marketing campaigns set up.

8. Compete with Popular Chains and Franchises

Because we’re marketing services across the entire country, we’re able to compete head-to-head with major chains and franchises. This allows us to produce leads at a lower rate than if you are just competing with them in a specific area. If you’re partnered with one of these chains or franchises, you’re able to double down on the chance to get the lead at a cost-effective price.

Understanding Leads and Lead Generation

Every lead is an opportunity to land a job but does not guarantee that you will get the job. This is true of leads you generate through your own efforts as well as when buying them from a lead generation company. As long as you tack the source of each of your leads and measure the cost associated with generating them, you should be able to ensure all of your lead generation methods are profitable. If you aren’t measuring the cost and success of each of your leads, you cannot make an informed decision on the methods that are most successful for your business.

The Advantage of Buying Leads From 33 Mile Radius

Although there are many different companies you can choose when buying leads, there are several advantages to using 33 Mile Radius.

  • Upfront Pricing – We offer upfront pricing on all of our leads, so you know exactly how much you’ll pay for each valid lead before you sign up. This ensures there are never any surprises when it comes to your bill.
  • Clear Billable Criteria – We outline all of the criteria for what constitutes our billable leads. As long as you follow our best practices guide, you’ll only get billed for real opportunities to land a job.
  • Dispute Process – You can dispute billable leads and our billing team will reevaluate the lead and determine if it will remain billable.
  • Pause Feature – You can pause certain areas or your entire account so you can take the night off, go on vacation, or finish up the jobs you already have.
  • No Hidden Fees – We never charge hidden fees including activation or sign-up fees or monthly service charges. You just pay for valid leads.
  • No Long-Term Contracts – There are absolutely no requirements for either time or number of leads with our system. You can cancel your account at any time.

Get Started With Flat-Rate Leads Today

33 Mile Radius provides high-quality leads for contractors through paid search campaigns, organic search content, and a variety of other marketing and advertising methods. Our leads work with your existing marketing or even in place of it. Each lead is sent exclusively to one contractor, which gives you the best chance to secure the jobs. Most of our contractors get a few extra quality leads each week to help fill out their work schedules.

We generate leads in the following service types:

If you’re ready to get started with our flat-rate leads, fill out our contact form below. A business development manager will follow up within 1 business day for a 5-minute phone call to explain our leads and answer your questions. If you’re ready to sign up, we’ll send over our operating agreement and then schedule your on-boarding call so we can train you on our best practices for success.

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