Blocking Spam Calls May Impact Leads: How to Avoid Blocking Incoming Leads

Blocking Spam Calls: How to Avoid Blocking Incoming Leads

Few things are as frustrating as spam calls. Depending on how you handle these spam calls, you could end up blocking incoming leads. As annoying as these calls are, blocking the number could impact the number of leads you get. We look at alternatives to blocking spam calls that ensure you don’t end up blocking real calls from customers.

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Blocking Spam Numbers Can Also Block Leads

Many spammers use caller ID spoofing in order to make their call look more realistic. With caller ID spoofing, they make it look like the call is coming from a local phone number. People are more likely to answer than if it was an unfamiliar area code or if the caller ID was blocked.

As an individual, blocking these numbers is an easy way to fight back against spam. Unfortunately, as a business, you might be blocking potential customers. Although these spam calls are fake, the phone numbers are usually real. You think you’re blocking spam, but you could be blocking a potential customer.

How to Avoid Blocking Incoming Leads

If you get a spam call from a local phone number, avoid blocking it in case a customer with that phone number calls you for service in the future. Instead, the best thing to do is to hang up. If they call back within a few minutes, just ignore the calls. In most cases, they’ll stop calling after 2 or 3 more attempts.

In the rare instance where a spammer continues to use the same number for an extended period, create a contact for that number and name it “Potential Spam”. While you should still answer the call in case it is a customer in need of service, you’re at least prepared for the worst.

Another thing to consider about blocking spammers is that they are constantly changing the numbers the are using. Blocking a number won’t stop the number of spam calls you get. You are just increasing the chances of blocking a customer that needs your services.

You should also review the numbers you have blocked on your phone now and unblock them. On Apple devices, open the Settings app and go to Phone > Call Blocking & Identification. For Android devices, open the Phone app and open the 3 dots menu. Then go to Settings > Blocked numbers.

A Note About Blocking Spam Calls If You Buy Our Leads

If you are buying leads from us, spam callers are not billable. In most cases, we’ll catch spam calls during our call scoring process but you should always include your notes as well. However, missed calls are billable. This includes numbers that are blocked as well as missed called from spammers. For that reason, you should always answer the call even if you think it’s a spam call.

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