How Home Service Contractors Can Close More High-Quality Leads

Close High-Quality Leads

Home services contractors rely on leads to grow their business. However, sometimes closing leads is harder than generating them in the first place. While your marketing and sales tactics encourage customers to buy, we’ve found there are three unexpected strategies for closing high-quality leads. From dealing with questions around cost to following up, these strategies will help you close more high-quality leads and land more customers.

3 Unexpected Strategies to Close High-Quality Leads

1. Answer Every Lead Quickly and Professionally

You can start converting more high-quality leads by responding quickly and professionally all inquiries. In fact, more than 50% of customers say that poor service was the main reason they didn’t make a purchase.

For that reason, answer phone leads immediately and respond to text leads in less than an hour. If you miss a call, make sure you call back quickly. The sooner you call back, the more likely you are to reach the prospective customer before they call someone else.

As a home services contractor, you should always answer the phone with your name and the company name, followed by asking how you can help. From there, listen to what the customer needs and work on setting the appointment.

With text message leads, respond in less than an hour or sooner when possible. Introduce yourself the same as you would on a phone call. If the lead included details about the service they needed, make sure you ask about that service specifically. If not, be clear about the services you provide and ask how you can help.

You should also ask whether you can call or if they’d prefer to talk via text. Although it can be easier to sell over the phone, some people prefer text messaging. If they want to continue to text, respond in less than thirty minutes whenever possible, especially if you offer emergency services.

For missed calls, listen to the voice message if they left one and call back as soon as possible. Start with your name and company name, followed by the questions you need to ask in order to know how you can provide service. Ideally, offer to come out for an estimate right away. Otherwise, provide a specific time you can stop by to look at the damage they are dealing with.

2. Answer Questions About Cost Before Customers Ask

One of the best ways to convert high-quality leads is by answering questions about the cost before the prospect brings it up. Even if the cost isn’t their first question, most prospects will bring it up eventually.

Start by offering to come out right away for a free, no-obligation estimate. Then go on to explain that phone estimates are just wild guesses. By seeing the damage, you’ll be able to provide a more accurate price. This is also a great time to mention your quality and the guarantees or warranties you offer.

Another thing to consider is offering pricing options. This way your prospect has different choices when choosing you instead of just comparing your quote with another company. While offering pricing options can be tricky with disaster mitigation services, look for ways to offer different options when it comes to the rebuilding work.

Offering different payment plans is also helpful. Whether it’s accepting credit cards or offering an installment plan, this can also help set you apart from other home services contractors.

Aside from price, other questions we hear are where are you located and how soon can you get here. Both of those are easy to answer. When responding to your location, make sure to mention the area you serve if you it includes more than the county where you are located.

As for response and travel time, be as honest as you can. Ideally, you’ll be ready to leave within minutes and will need to give an estimate based on where each prospect is located. Always allow enough time so that you are not rushed and can drive safely.

3. Always Follow Up on Leads

Some prospective customers just aren’t ready to commit. However, that doesn’t mean you should give up on high-quality leads. Whether they are hoping for an estimate over the phone or they are looking to get another quote, you should follow up anytime you walk away from a customer without a signed contract.

Unless the prospect gives you a specific timeline, always follow up in less than a day, but don’t be afraid to call back even sooner for disaster mitigation leads. Remind the customer of your name, company, and quickly summarize your last conversation. Instead of being pushy, always try to be caring and genuine.

If the customer wanted a quote on the phone, call back at the end of the day to see they changed their mind. At that point, they probably talked to a few different contractors, but might not have an appointment set yet. When you follow up, stress that it’s a completely free estimate and the longer they wait, the more damage they’ll have.

If they have an appointment set for an estimate with another home services contractor, offer to come out as well. Let them know you want to make sure they are getting the best value for the quality of work and you’d be happy to offer a competitive estimate.

For prospects that want another quote, follow up at the end of the day or first thing the next day depending on when you received the lead came. Ask if they have any questions about your estimate and if there is any additional information you can provide.

Although some customers will decide to do the work themselves, you should definitely follow up after a few days. Again, be as caring and helpful as possible. If cleanup and restoration aren’t going exactly as planned, they might be willing to have you finish the job.

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