How to be Successful With Our Leads: 8 Keys to Success With Our Leads

Thanks for joining the 33 Mile Radius lead generation network. We appreciate your business and look forward to developing a beneficial relationship with you over the months and years to come. One of the biggest questions partners ask is how to measure your success with lead generation. This article is intended to help our current partners ensure success with our leads, but it may help you decide if you want to join our network too. You can fill out our contact form below to learn more about our lead generation network.

8 Keys to Success With Our Leads

Leads are opportunities and not every lead will turn into a job. However, you should be successful with our leads as long as you remember these 8 things.

  1. Answer Every Phone Lead – Our phone leads are sent to just one partner, so it’s up to you to close the job.
  2. Respond to Every Email and Text Lead – Our form leads are also exclusive, so you are the only one who can land that job.
  3. Validate the Lead – Qualify that you are dealing with the homeowner, in your area, and looking for services you provide.
  4. Not Every Billable Lead Will Turn Into a Job – It’s unlikely that you’ll convert on every opportunity we send you.
  5. Try to Convert Customers Who Think They Are Contacting Another Company – You should offer your services, even if they are calling for a specific company.
  6. Missed Phone Leads Are Billable – If you miss a call, call them back immediately so you can try to close the job.
  7. Pause Your Account When Necessary – Use the pause feature to avoid missing leads.
  8. Add Notes to Your Dashboard – Add notes if there was an issue with the lead so we know to look into it.

How 33 Mile Radius Generates Leads for Contractors

If you’re not familiar with leads and lead generation, 33 Mile Radius provides high-quality leads for restoration contractors. Our leads are not jobs, but the opportunity to secure a job. We create the opportunity, but you need to validate the lead and convert the customer.

Our leads are either a phone call or a email or text message from a customer in your area looking for a service you provide. All of our leads are sent exclusively to one partner, so you’re the first and only person dealing with that customer.

We use a variety of digital marketing techniques to generate our leads. Most of our leads come through either paid search campaigns or organic search content. We also use a number of other methods and are constantly trying new ways of generating leads for contractors.

33 Mile Radius first started with exclusive water damage leads and we have since expanded into other services. We also offer fire damage restoration leads, mold remediation leads, plumbing leads, biohazard cleanup leads, and carpet cleaning leads.

8 Ways to Ensure Success With Our Leads

1. Answer Every Phone Lead

All of our phone leads are live and exclusive. That means when your phone rings, you are the first and only contractor talking to that customer. They were actively searching for a service you are signed up for in a service area you were active in.

2. Respond to Every Email and Text Lead

When you get an email or text message lead, respond as quickly as possible. If you haven’t already activated form leads for your account, log in to your dashboard and go to Manage Services and Counties to change your settings.

3. Validate the Lead

We strive to produce the highest quality leads possible. However, not every lead is guaranteed to turn into a job. Make sure you are talking to the homeowner or decision maker, are in your area, and need your services.

4. Not Every Billable Lead Will Turn Into a Job

Just like leads that come from your own marketing, not every lead we send you will turn into a job. In some cases, you will get billed for a lead that didn’t turn into a job. While you should always treat each lead like it will turn into a great job, some of them aren’t going to work out.

5. Try to Convert Customers Who Think They Are Contacting Another Company

We position our ads and content to go after a wide variety of search terms, including major brands. Since our ads appear along these other brands, customers may think they are contacting them. You should try to secure those jobs by offering your services and a free estimate. If the customer decides to pass, you won’t be billed for that lead.

6. Missed Phone Leads Are Billable

Since our leads are all live and exclusive, missing a call means you missed out on an opportunity to close a job. If you miss a call, we’ll text and email you the customers phone number. Make sure you call them back immediately to try to secure the job.

7. Pause Your Account When Necessary

We offer a pause feature so you don’t get billed for missed leads. While you should pause your account when you need to, we recommend you only pause when absolutely necessary. Some partners will pause before they reach full capacity, but they are just passing on leads that could turn into a good job.

8. Add Notes to Your Dashboard

If you don’t add a note to the lead, we don’t know there was an issue. Be as detailed as possible about the issue so we can follow up with the customer and validate the problem. If you’re working with a customer and you plan to add a note or dispute the call, let the customer know that we will be following up. This increases the chances we can verify your notes.

How to Measure Your Success With Our Leads

The best way to measure your success with our leads is to track how much you spend for leads and how much you make in revenue and profit. The cost of our leads varies by area and service type. You can find the price for your leads in your dashboard.

Some of our partners choose to track their success in their dashboard, making notes about whether they closed the job and how much they made in the notes field. Others use a spreadsheet or make notes in their accounting software or ledger.

Use whichever is most comfortable for you, just remember to make notes on each lead and update it throughout the job. Without tracking the results of our leads, it’s too easy to fixate on that one billable lead that didn’t turn into a job.

Try Us For At Least 10 Billable Leads

When you join our network, we’re investing in your business and we want you to be successful with our leads. We dedicate resources to generating leads in your area for the services you provide. There is no commitment or long term contract with our leads and you can pause or cancel your account at any time. However, we do ask that you try us out for at least 10 billable leads.

Think about your own marketing. Not every lead you get will turn into a job. The same is true with our leads. Most of our partners close between 7 and 9 leads out of every 10. By trying our lead generation service for at least 10 billable leads, you get an accurate idea of the average leads you will get.

Like any advertising or marketing campaign, success takes a little time. 10 billable leads might be as many as 20 or more leads. Remember, you will never be billed for wrong numbers, customers contacting your from out of your service area, customers requesting for other services, or tenants or renters.

How to Start Getting More Exclusive Leads

If you’re looking to get more leads, here are three options to consider:

  • Check Your Account – Make sure your account is active and not paused for all of your services and counties.
  • Expand Your Service Area – Add nearby counties to help supplement the number of leads you get, especially during slower seasons.
  • Add Additional Services – We offer a variety of different lead types, so add a similar service like mold leads or plumbing leads.
  • Turn on Form Leads – We are now offering leads by text message and email. Active your form leads in your dashboard under the Manage Services and Counties tab.

To expand your service area or add additional services, contact your account manager today at 888-594-8381.

If you’re not currently getting leads from 33 Mile Radius, fill out the contact form below. One of our business development managers will call you shortly to explain how our leads work and answer any questions you have.

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