Get Reviews on Google: How More Google Reviews Will Get You More Jobs

How More Google Reviews Will Get You More Jobs

Most customers consider reviews, especially Google reviews, the same as a personal recommendation. When they need a service, they’ll search for companies and then look at the reviews and pick the best fit for their needs. As with any other type of marketing or advertising, the goal of asking for Google Reviews is to get more jobs. Although asking for Google reviews is free, it can take more effort. But as long as you ask consistently, it’s one of the most effective ways for customers to find your business. If you need more jobs, learn how to get reviews on Google.

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How to Get Reviews On Google

The biggest advantage of asking for Google reviews over other websites is that almost everyone has a Google account. Although you may think there is a trick to getting google reviews, the easiest and most successful way is by asking every customer. Making asking for a Google review part of your process after every job and you are guaranteed to get more reviews.

1. Ask Every Customer

You probably have some process in place once you complete each job. You provide your final invoice and review the work you did. Maybe you double-check with the customer that they don’t need any other services. Once you’re finished with all of that and you’re sure they are satisfied, ask them for a Google Review.

2. Send Them a Direct Link

Ideally, the goal is to get your customer to agree to leave you a review. However, even if they don’t you should still send them a direct link to leave a review on Google. We find that text messages are the most effective, but an email will work too. Thank them again for their business and then remind them about leaving a review. Let them know that this link will take them directly to your Google page so they can leave a review. If you don’t know how to get your direct Googe link, we cover that below.

3. Follow Up With Them

Even if customers promise to leave a review, they often get busy with life and forget. If you haven’t gotten a review in 3 days, send them a follow-up message. Avoid being pushy, but remind them about leaving a review. If they still don’t leave a review, it’s best to just let things go. Constantly following up will annoy them more than anything.

4. Respond to Their Review

When customers do leave a review, you need to follow up within 2 days and faster whenever possible. First, respond to their Google review so other customers see you’re engaged with your customers. Then follow up with them via text or email to thank them again. Even if they leave you a bad review, you should still follow up and try to make things right.

How More Google Reviews Will Get You More Jobs

There are 2 main advantages to asking customers to leave you Google reviews.

Your Google Rating Builds Trust With Customers

Customers searching for the services you offer will see your rating. Obviously, the higher the rating, the more favorable their option of your business. That said, most customers are wary of businesses with a 5-star rating, especially if there are only a few of them. Customers are more likely to trust a business with at least a 4-star rating. The ideal range is usually between 4.5 and 4.8 stars out of 5. This makes your business look good, but not fake.

More Google Reviews Make You Easier to Find

Perhaps even more important than building trust is that your Google reviews make it easier for customers to find your business. Let’s be honest for a moment, most customers aren’t searching for your company by name. They are searching for the services you offer. Google uses a lot of factors to determine where businesses fall in search results, one of which is your reviews. The better your reviews, the higher you appear in search results. The same applies when you are running paid search ads.

How to Get a Direct Link to Your Google Review Page

One of the most important steps to getting customers to leave Google reviews is to make it as easy as possible for them. That’s why you should them a direct link to your Google page. If you don’t have a direct link, follow these steps to get yours.

Go to the Google Place ID Look Up

Google gives every place and business its own unique ID. You can find yours at

Search For Your Business

Enter your company name in the search bar.

How More Google Reviews Will Get You More Jobs - Find your Google Place ID

Copy Your Google Place ID

Then copy your Place ID from the listing on the map.

How More Google Reviews Will Get You More Jobs - Copy Your Google Place ID

Create Your Google Review Link

Now that you have your Place ID, you need to add it to the end of this URL:

For example, our Place ID is ChIJpd9CPWmqMYgRdkfXZxL7Zf0. So our URL is:

Make a Short Vanity URL (Optional)

That URL isn’t the easiest to remember, so consider making a short, vanity URL. There are many link shortening services out there, but we like Bitly. After you create a free account, you can shorten that long, hard to remember URL into something simple like This isn’t a necessary step, but it’s certainly helpful for both you and your customers.

Other Ways to Get Reviews On Google

While asking customers directly is the most effective way to get reviews on Google, there are two other options to consider. For either option, make it simple and easy to understand. We find that the text “Leave Us a Google Review” is the easiest and most effective.

Add a Link on Your Website

You should add a link on your website so previous customers can leave a Google review. This will also help potential customers find your reviews as well.

Include a Link in Your Emails

You can also include a link to your Google reviews in your emails. Put it at the bottom below your name and company, right next to your phone number.

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